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well, anyone who gets accepted here is on a full ride, period. you only pay for books and personal stuff, but they pay you every month (you are in the military). catch is you have to serve so many years in the air force after graduation as payment.
Ismael from U S A F Academy, CO
It is free tuition, although you have to serve at least 5 years after you graduate. The scholarship is roughly $400,000, so it is definitely worth it, especially because you get paid while you go here as well as receive a low interest $36,000 loan.
Andrea from Usaf Academy, CO
Well considering its payed for, its the best deal you can get. No extra expenses needed.
Isaac from U S A F Academy, CO
Considering that you get paid to come here and tuition is free and you have few other expenses, and that you have more opportunities than a typical college student could dream of (such as getting your basic parachuting wings in two weeks and soloing an airplane), financial value is literally divided by zero.
Logan from USAFA, CO
The education is free, you have a gauranteed job after graduation, and you learn so much about yourself here.
Kathryn from USAF Academy, CO
If you manage to get into this school, it is paid entirely for you. Although you do essentially pay it back with 5 years of required active duty, considering this has one of the best academic programs in the country, it is brilliant.
Sam from Ladson, SC
Attending USAFA is an education worth about $150,000 (could be mistaken) without a paying a penny out of your pocket. Four years of service ARE required after graduation.
Future USAFA Cadet
Your entire education is paid for, so you are definitely getting your bang for the buck. It may be hard, but coming out on the other end it is worth it to say that you made it through.
Sarah from USAFA, CO
There is no tuition or room and board. However, it takes serious work to be accepted, and even more serious work to stay in and succeed. You pay in sweat and lack of sleep, rather than dollars. However, not only do you receive a small monthly pay while a cadet, you have excellent medical benefits as well as a guaranteed job upon graduation.
Kojiro from Manchester, ME
There is the Oath of Commitment that you must take, which is the only repayment to the Academy, but in other regards, earning a free education when accepted to this campus is absolutely worth it. You get hands-on training for your respected fields, and the chance to be commissioned as a military officer is one of high esteem.
Alisa from Grand Junction, CO