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Everything you need to know about transferring colleges

Welcome to the College Transfer Center powered by Appily!

Considering transferring colleges? You're not alone! More than a third of all college students transfer colleges, and nearly half of those students transfer twice. With videos, articles, and FAQs, the Appily College Transfer Center is your go-to place for everything and anything transfer.

It’s hard to beat advice coming directly from the people actually making admission decisions—and that’s why we have it for you. Our college partners talk about what they look for in transfer applications, give their best advice, and even provide insight into their own transfer admission processes.



Whether you need information on transferring credits, finding colleges that are the most transfer-friendly, or advice on how to figure out if you should transfer, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. And we’re always adding more!


Sometimes you need a full-blown article to explain things, and sometimes you just need a solid 2 minute video. Working with our own College Advisors in-house and our 600+ college partners, we put together some quick answers to the most pressing transfer questions.


Real stories. Real people. Real transfers. Nothing beats talking to someone with experience and we reached out into our personal networks to find friends, family, and acquaintances willing to talk to us about transferring colleges.


Featured Colleges

SCSU Expert Guidance

The experts at Southern Connecticut State University offer some tips and guidance for students who are considering Transferring to a new College. Regardless of where you're at today and where you're thinking of transferring to, the experts at SCSU have some helpful information for you.

Transferring to Biola University

Biola University has the counselors and support structure in place to help students navigate credits, finances, and much more. This video highlights important aspects of transferring as previous Biola transfer students share their experience.

Jack's Plymouth State Transfer Experience

Jack Vachon '21, Plymouth State Business Management major, started his college journey off studying computer science at a community college. Fall 2019, Vachon transferred to Plymouth State and hasn't looked back! Watch his journey.

Transfer student Olivia Caraballo found her perfect fit at Wilkes University

Education major Olivia Caraballo said she knew Wilkes was home the very first weekend she spent on campus.


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Selective Colleges That Accept More Transfers Than Freshmen

Transferring into a selective institution is the college admissions process all over again, but even harder, right? Wrong...

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How Do I Pay for School If I Transfer?

Everyone’s situation is unique when it comes to paying for college, but there are a number of things you can do to prepare for paying for college as a transfer student.

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All The Forms You Need To Transfer Colleges

To help you get started on your transfer journey, we've compiled a list of the most common forms requested for in the transfer application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write a Transfer Essay? (video)

You should definitely use your transfer essay for multiple schools! Writing a solid essay with some interchangeable sections is a sound plan, especially if you’re applying to more than a few colleges or universities. Always review your essay to make sure it fits with the given prompt, customize it for each individual school, and submit!

Why Would A College Accept More Transfer Students? (video)

Transfer students present their college grades when applying, which is considered an even better alternative to your SAT and ACT test scores to assess college readiness — it shows that you are, in fact, able to complete and succeed in college-level courses.

How Do I Transfer Student Loans? (video)

Private student loans do not follow you when you transfer schools. If you’re switching mid-semester, be sure to call your lender to see how you need to handle your loans. More often than not, they’ll simply cut your loan in half and you’ll have to separately re-apply for a loan at your new school. If you’re switching colleges at the end of the school year, you’ll apply for private student loans as normal, just with your new institution information.