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Is Your Student Anxious About School? The Difference Between Normal Worry vs. Anxiety

The clinical experts at Joon Care explain the difference between normal worry and anxiety and share advice for helping your student navigate challenges like these. 

Parent PLUS Loans: Are They Right For You?

Parent PLUS loans are one way to help your child pay for college, but they’re not for everyone. Access a quick overview of PLUS loans to help you decide if they’re a good option for you and your family.

What is College Counseling? What Does a College Counselor Do?

College counselors are crucial in providing the expertise needed to navigate this journey. To help explain the role of a college counselor or advisor, we talked with Karen Yeager Kimball from our partner, Collegewise. 

7 Things to Know About the New FAFSA

You might have heard that exciting updates are coming to the federal financial aid process this year. These changes make completing the FAFSA faster and easier than ever before. Click to learn more about the New FAFSA and how it will impact your family.