Appily for Parents

Empower Your Student with Appily's All-In-One Website 

As a parent, your influence has so much impact on your student's college journey. Guide them along the right path with Appily's all-in-one college search website. With Appily, your student will have access to everything they need to plan, decide, and apply to college with confidence.

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Explore Colleges

Filters colleges by what matters most to them – cost, mode of study, location, school size, and much more. Help your student compare schools across thousands of data points even find other options they might not otherwise consider.

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Find Their Perfect College Fit

Help your student connect with colleges who are interested in enrolling them. When your student adds that college to your list, we will notify their admissions department of the mutual interest. 

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Find Scholarships to Pay for School

Access the nation's largest database of scholarships. You'll be able to find scholarships tailored to your individual needs by filtering through criteria such as GPA, test scores, interests, extracurricular activities, and more. 


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Get Personalized Insights

Parents can use our tools with advanced algorithms to get accurate, personalized calculations such as the net cost of tuition for your student to attend any college.

How It Works

  1. Create
    an account

    Create a completely free account as your child - for accurate best-fit college recommendations, have your student's GPA and test scores ready.

  2. Check out
    your dashboard

    You will immediately be taken to your personalized dashboard that shows colleges that perfectly fit your student.

  3. Browse college &

    Get the most accurate and robust information on any college, and detailed scholarship information about effort to apply and eligibility. 

  4. Use
    the tools!

    From any college profile, get personalized Appily Insights including your student's estimated cost of attendance and admissions chances.

  5. Look
    out for emails

    You will receive information directly from the colleges you choose to connect with. Appily will also regularly send resources related to the college search journey.