Student Mental Health & College Readiness Report

Parents and educators know that students are stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling with mental health challenges. This burden is causing students to delay their enrollment in college or even choose not to go to college at all. 

Appily set out to learn more about these mental health challenges in an effort to support students in their journey to college. Read what over 6,000 high school students had to say about their concerns and struggles as they plan their lives after high school.

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Resources to Support Your Student 

We're here to help you support student mental health and wellness with expert advice. From recognizing an anxiety disorder and choosing a college with robust support systems to finding resources to make college accessible for underrepresented groups, our tools exist to help families and counselors navigate stress and prioritize student well-being. 


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Prioritizing mental health when selecting a colleges

When evaluating colleges, here's how to look for on-campus mental health support resources. 


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Is it normal worry or anxiety?

If you have a teen at home, you need to know the difference between normal stress and anxiety. The experts at Joon explain the difference and share advice for supporting students in high school and beyond. 


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How to help your college student from afar   

Supporting your student while they're away at college can be tricky. But here's expert advice from the Joon team for making it easier. 


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Resources for underrepresented students

The college search process is more difficult and stressful for underrepresented student groups. Here are resources can help ease that burden. 

An Easier Way to Plan, Decide & Apply to College

The journey to college shouldn't be overshadowed by worry about mental health. Appily exists to help teens navigate the stressful college planning process, empowering them to make confident college decisions. With Appily, you can:

Explore Colleges
Dive into our expansive database of colleges to discover and learn about schools. Refine the search by the criteria that matter most, like location, GPA, interests, and more, to discover the perfect academic fit for your student.

Take Virtual College Tours
Instead of spending weeks on the road visiting multiple campuses, your family can take convenient and interactive virtual tours from the comfort of your home. 

Let Colleges Apply to You
Appily Match powered by Concourse is a revolutionary platform that flips the application process on its head, putting your student in the driver’s seat. Through this innovative reverse admissions approach, students receive real offers of admission from colleges.

Find Scholarships to Pay for School
Start a scholarship search tailored to individual needs by easily filtering through criteria such as GPA, test scores, interests, extracurricular activities, and more. 

Explore College Majors
Appily helps students connect their passions and interests with a wide range of college major options. Our tools help teens answer the “What do you want to do when you grow up?” question. 

Apply takes the guesswork out of what's usually a confusing process, serving as a companion to teens who need a clearer, less stressful path toward success. Make the college search process easier by using Appily today.