Transfer Student Experience with Southern Connecticut State University

Expert Guidance

At Southern Connecticut State University approximately 40% of the student body consists of transfer students. As a university, we are dedicated to making this transition a positive experience. We’ll help you reach your goals and offer you a rich experience along your educational journey. This video will leverage the most up-to-date info so you can navigate your college transfer process with ease and certainty.

  • Streamlined transfer application: no essay or letters of recommendation required!
  • On-the-spot admission days throughout the year!
  • One-on-one advisement and transfer evaluations to ensure maximum credit transfers!
  • Financial literacy advisement is available year-round!
  • Veteran-dedicated services!

Rest assured that you are not alone in this process. In fact, 37.2% of college students transfer to another college. Together with the Undergraduate Admissions, Transfer Student Services can assist you with your transition to Southern Connecticut State University. We invite you to connect with our team at Transfer Student Services.

“Transfer Advisor: A lot of colleges and universities have offices and resources designated to help potential transfer students. At Southern Connecticut State University, we have a Transfer Student Services office.”

Most transfer students change schools due to three types of variables: social, geographic and academic. Social variables can include disliking your roommates, having trouble making friends, embarrassing yourself at a party, etc. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to think about how the environment at a new school will impact these variables.

“Counselor: During your transfer orientation, your orientation ambassadors and transfer assistants will help you learn about campus. At Southern, we host a Week of Welcome program during your first week on campus. There are tons of events each day for you to attend, some hosted by different offices, others by staff members, but a majority of them are hosted by the clubs and organizations on campus. Our faculty and staff are also very involved in the clubs and organizations on campus.”

Yes, sometimes it takes time to find your home within a larger college community. It should be top priority that your university will be able to fulfill your biggest wants and needs.

“Transfer Advisor: Transfer students are such an important part of a campus community. They bring diversity, new ideas, and life experiences.”

“Counselor: It is our goal to make the transfer process as easy and smooth as possible. And to help welcome you to our community!”

Regardless of where you started and where you end up, you are one step closer to your future goal! Welcome to Southern!