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Admissions: visit page
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Admissions Telephone: 310-506-4000
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What Students Are Saying

Be ready for the crazy pepperdine hills and steps! It's intense at first but it helps combat the freshman 15. Also be sure to get involved in something when you're there, there's lots of fun stuff that some people miss out on.
Rachael from Spokane, WA
I would encourage students to have an open mind when coming to Pepperdine and to be grateful! It is a beautiful school with incredible students and faculty. I have found that the more involved and open I have become to new experiences have made my time much more enjoyable. You will definitely meet students who insist on maintaining the too cool for school attitude. But I have found that there are way more students who appreciate everything Pepperdine has to offer, and seek out the good in their studies, lectures, and relationships. Truly take advantage of the wonderful professors and their willingness to help you. Pepperdine is an amazing environment that encourages its students to explore and learn about themselves while still challenging and motivating them to be the best possible version of themselves.
Brianna from CA
Come to Pepperdine!!! Pepperdine has it all: an excellent academic program, national recognition, great scholarships and grants, distinguished teachers, amazing peers, a comfortable campus, and ocean and mountain views. P.S. Girls, the guys are far from eye sores. Guys, come on, these are girls at a school by the beach! Need I say more?
Jessica from California
Put that you are church of christ on your application, get involved at Pepperdine it will make your experience 100% better and live campus its a lot more fun.
Ryan from Malibu, CA
Visit the place, talk to students and professors and get a feel for the community. It is unlike anything you'll ever experience. Don't listen to the rumors about it being a materialistic/fake bubble. Find out for yourself. Your college experience is what you make it.
Camila from Encino, CA
Come to Pepperdine!!!! The most important tip I'd say would be learning how to manage your time. I CANNOT stress that enough! There are so many activities that you'll want to pursue, but always remember that academics come first. However, make sure to be involved on campus too! There is always something to do whether it be free IN-N-Out at alumni park (NSO), a fun beach day or club activities, there's tons of fun things to do! That being said, Pepperdine is an amazing campus and I absolutely do not regret choosing this wonderful place for my college career.
Pepp Student
Just keep an open mind going in to Pepperdine. Whatever predispositions you had towards Pepperdine before you crossed that gate and passed the theme tower should be dropped. I made assumptions about Pepperdine freshman year and had I not had an open mind I would have missed out on so much that Pepperdine had to offer. Aside from the simple classes, clubs, and organizations students sign up to be a part of, many students learn just from interacting with each other. That is where the true beauty lies at Pepperdine. Just do not be afraid to be yourself. You will be shocked at what you find. Try everything. Go everywhere. Talk to everyone.
Aaron from Los Angeles, CA
Pepperdine loves to see a well-rounded student with good grades, as well as interest in sports, extracurriculars and volunteering. Leadership roles are especially helpful.
Anna from Tualatin, OR
Beware of the endless stairs and hills. I suggest preparing for Pepperdine with Stairmaster. Sunscreen is also recommended. Having a car is useful as it tends to be a little dead on weekends. If not, no problem. You will most likely be friends with someone who does. Participate in the study abroad program in Argentina (the best one), China, Germany, England, Italy or Switzerland. It will change your life and Pepperdine does a great job with providing you with the classes you need. It is a Christian school, so it is a dry campus sand dorms are not co-ed. Most students are pretty open-minded and easy to get along with.
Sharon from Malibu, CA
Do not be reluctant to come just because of finances! If there's a will there's a way! I honestly didn't even come visit the school and get a tour before I decided on attending. Don't feel bad if you can't either. It's a beautiful campus! The pictures don't even give it justice! Once you get to Pepperdine, get involved! You'll meet so many new people! If you're into sororities/fraternities, go for it! I've heard both good things and bad things, but each person is different! Talk to the workers! They'll love you! Whenever you get a chance to go to the beach, GO! Also, prepare yourself for walking up thousands of stairs. The hills aren't as bad as the stairs. People say you get used to them, but I still haven't! I'm an incoming sophomore now. Get to know all of your professors so that they can write you recommendation letters if you need them.
Acamy from North Las Vegas, NV