East-West University
Chicago, IL, USA


East-West University

Shirley from Chicago, IL

a current student here
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In three sentences
East-West University is a college where you can get all that you need. Although it's a small place, you see different races and cultures in one place. It's packed with majors that are on the market and thriving.
Tips for prospective students
Transfer all of your school credits, apply for loans, and apply for financial aid to make everything easier when you decide to finally join. And, just have fun!
Academic Rigor
Although the courses are challenging, they are a breath of fresh air. You will be surrounded by staff and instructors to help you along the way. There will be classes that you will enjoy as well and are a breeze.
Dorm Life
The dorm life is awesome. They just built the dorms, and everything is included, like wifi, cable, fitness rooms, even laundry rooms on every floor for free!
Food and Dining
They are always building a opening places in the downtown area to serve students. If you don't want to eat in the cafeteria, you can always choose somewhere close by to eat at.
Campus Safety
Campus safety is a must. At East West University, you will feel safe here with cameras and friendly security guards.

Meosha from South Milwaukee, WI

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
I learned a lot from here. when you go to here or any college as a freshman, the first thing you should know is that you have to do a lot of studying for yourself and reading. When a chapter is given to read, do not think just because you have the book you already know the information, actually read it! Everything you here in a lecture from your professor is not all that is on the exam. Just be aware.
Did enjoy being here
I enjoyed being here but it is not a lot of extracurricular activities to do on campus but it is located downtown Chicago so on a break you could find something to do around the campus outside.
Bang for the buck
This is a very affordable college.
Tips for prospective students
The main tip I have is love reading. If you do not love reading then pretend you do and read or learn to love reading. Do not worry to much about if you are going to be able to understand the information you learn because most colleges have free tutoring.
Great for these types of students
This college is great for people who have a lot of responsibilities besides school such as a job or kids. This is also a good school for international students.