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What Students Are Saying

To get good grades in classes takes a lot of self motivation. Anything you do not learn in class you must learn from the book or from a tutor. Tutors are not a bad thing, trust me, sometimes its the extra kick you need to succeed in your future classes. Also the library is a great place to study there are study rooms on the third floor and reference books for just about everything, also it is open until midnight.
Julie from Camdenton, MO
Missouri S&T may be continuing to renovate their dorms; if they are doing this the year you are to come in as a freshman, they may put you in the Rolla Inn (they've done this to us this year and the freshmen before me), an old Howard-Johnson inn. It's not... the best... but it builds character. And it's temporary.
Regardless of where you stay, though, as advice for anyone going to college for the first time, remember these things: Attend classes. A lot of the classes your first year will have their grade based in some part on your attendance. I know in high school you were told your professors don't care but only your test grades, but I guess they're trying to bridge the two here. Also, MEALS ARE NOT ALWAYS SERVED. If you're going Greek, this may not apply to you, but if you are on campus housing, none of the dining facilities are always open. You have to find which are open when, if you want to eat out on days that the closest one is not open or go to another dining facility. Many are the times I have gone without a meal before it sank in; I could not just go in like I do at my house and get a sandwich. And nothing makes studying harder than a growling stomach louder than a jackhammer waiting for the pizza to come.
Benjamin from Kansas City, MO
Although S&T offers a few majors in History and English, it's really an engineering and science school at its core. I know a few humanities majors here, but usually they attend for reasons other than the curriculum (baseball, living local, etc.) I recommend coming here to study science or technology. That said, it's important to know that science is something that you prospective students should know you're interested in; maybe it's something you did well in in high school. At any rate, strong math skills are a MUST, and the lowest math class offered here is algebra. The next lowest is calculus I.
Benjamin from Rolla, MO
Do the homework its the best way to learn the material because some of the teachers are not the best at teaching but you can expect that with any college. The school provides things called LEAD sessions which are basically walk-in tutoring sessions if you need help in a subject. Study for exams even if you never had to in high school, college is a different ballpark I learned that the hard way after failing some exams.
Nicholas from Republic, MO
Balance work and study. Don't study yourself to death, but then again don't completely neglect your school work. Find people to make study groups. Friends with the same classes always works. Enjoy your college experience. It's four (or five) years of your life that you'll never be able to get back. Make the best of it through having fun and most importantly by studying hard.
D from Platte City, MO
If you live in Missouri and want either a degree in chemistry, biology, computer science, or engineering this is the place to go. There are also degrees for English, psychology, and history. Have fun in Rolla and open up to people to enjoy the college experience.
Robert from Imperial, MO
Study, study, study! You may have breezed through high school with straight A's, but I can assure you that wont happen at MS&T. The curriculum is challenging but worth while. Putting effort into the material you will learn at MS&T will help you to do better in school and succeed in a career.
Nicholas from Webb City, MO
If you plan on attending this school, be ready to work. You definitely need to be sure that what you plan on majoring in is what you want to do, because it's going to become your life for the next 4 years. Possibly 5 if you plan on pursuing a career in engineering. No matter where you go though, know why you're there and be willing to work towards what you want.
Josh from Fair Play, MO
Visit MS&T and take a tour of the campus and living options. If possible take a summer camp there to get a real hands on feel for the school.
Zachery from Comstock Park, MI
Start as far ahead as you can. There are a lot of interesting classes to take here.
Joe from Wentzville, MO