Midland College
Midland, TX, USA


Midland College

JoAnn from Argyle, TX

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
My professors are extremely educated and very successful. They have so much to bring to the table. They're teaching styles and personalities are all noticeably different; I've learned so much these past semesters. I feel more than prepared in my field of study and I am excited to continue my education.
Am enjoying being here
Midland College is an incredible academic institution. It's learning environment invites students to learn and encourages them to succeed. Although I am excited to continue my education elsewhere, I will miss Midland College's friendly and familiar campus.
Bang for the buck
Midland College is, for now, a community college. While tuition may not exceed that of a four year university, the textbooks, room, and board definitely add up. I believe I paid a fair amount for the education I have received. I wish to attend a four year university that will best prepare me in my field of study and do not want financial difficulties to stand in the way of a promising future.
Tips for prospective students
The most impacting suggestion I give to current and potential students at any college is to develop sufficient study habits and to go to class. Everyone is different which means everyone learns differently. Find your study niche and stick to it! Also, go to class even if it means showing up in your pajamas!
Great for these types of students
Although Midland is not the most exciting town in the world, it is perfect for students coming straight out of high school. It is not overwhelming in regard to size or pressure. But it does challenge students to go the extra mile and to be the best student they can be.