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What Students Are Saying

The most important piece of information is to visit the schools you are interested in. A school can look completely different on a page and in person. When you walk through the campus of the school you will attend, you will just feel like it is home and you will know it is the school for you. Also, when you visit the different schools, plan a campus tour. The tours are given by current students who will show you around, explain the history of the school, provide advice, and answer all of your questions. After you tour the campus, be sure to walk around and talk to random students strolling through campus. These students can provide different points of views and answer any other questions. They will not be scared to tell you the truth.
Allison from Ballwin, MO
Go for a campus visit! You'll know right then whether or not Marquette is the school for you.
Meaghan from Radcliff, KY
I suggest that prospective students sign-up to attend a shadow day at Marquette. A shadow experience will allow you to get a good feel of the school and will let you see if you feel comfortable with the classes (material, size, style) and overall campus environment. I was completely set on going to the University of Wisconsin Madison; however, I then shadowed a student and realized that Madison was not the place for me with the large class sizes and impersonal qualities of the University. Now I am at Marquette and love it because it is personal, not too big or small, and has endless opportunities. Further, talk to current students and ask questions. The university has set-up different facebook groups for prospective students to ask questions and get real answers. Lastly, talk to advisors about majors and classes. Make sure Marquette has good opportunities for your career choice and interests.
Natalie from Greenfield, WI
Participate in as many activities as possible, especially during the days of freshman orientation! There is an opportunity to take a riverboat cruise, attend a Brewer game, learn how to salsa, play capture the flag at midnight, and go to a square dance. You get paired up with a partner and attend the dance together- it was a lot of fun! Join a group focusing on your major, play intramural sports, or volunteer. Just remember not to overload on activities before you know what you have time for. Most importantly, find a favorite place to study, such as the library, coffee shop, or academic building (Cudahy Hall is good). That will come in handy if you find that it's hard to concentrate in your dorm room.
Briana from Wisconsin
Some tips for incoming and prospective students is to apply for scholarships before you come here! Many scholarships available to incoming/prospective students are renewing scholarships, meaning you won't ever have to apply for them again! It can really lift a burden from your shoulders (and your parents!) if you receive any.
Another tip I have to get involved early! There is an event called O-Fest in the beginning of the fall where all the student organizations go on campus to recruit you! Get involved with as many as you can, believe me, you will have time your freshmen year! As you get older, you can decide which organizations mean the most to you and stick with them.
Get out and enjoy the city! You get a free U-Pass as a full-time student which gives you free public transportation. Explore Milwaukee!
Rebecca from Chicago, IL
Make sure you visit before you apply, it will help you make your final decision easier. Shadow a student (go on the website must be 3 weeks in advance). Be yourself and find the school that reflects you best.
Christine from Chicago, IL
I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reputable university that is small enough to receive the attention desired, but large enough to feel like a part of something bigger. Don't rule it out because you think it might be a certain way, or feel a certain way, its a great school that you should definitely look into!
Kara from Palatine, IL
Be open to attending the Late Night Marquette activities and trying new things. College will be more enjoyable for you if you go out to meet new people while ice skating, playing bingo, or attending casino night. Milwaukee has endless possibilities for fun activities.
Monika from Village Of Lakewood, IL
If you are considering attending this school, go look at it and take a tour! That is when you will truly know if it is the one for you. Know that Marquette is a beautiful campus, the coursework is academically challenging, the city of Milwaukee has plenty to explore, and the student body has a family-like feel. You'll know if it's for you when you visit!
McKenna from Fargo, ND
Be sure to study and prepare for each of your classes properly, but also be sure to get involved with some of the school activities.
Khari from Philadelphia, PA