Lindsey Wilson College
Columbia, KY, USA


Lindsey Wilson College

Natalie from Lancaster, KY

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The classes are small sized, so professors really get to know you and make an effort to help you in every aspect of your learning. There are multiple on-campus resources to help you, including an Academic Success Center, Writing Center, and multiple computer labs. The classes are challenging but in the very best way; the professors expect nothing but your best, which helps you strive to put forth the best effort you can!
Am enjoying being here
I love being at Lindsey. You get to know a lot of the people on campus because it's a small environment, and we're very close-knit. I have friends from every ethnicity and clique group here - all different athletes, people who love to study, people who hate to study, and hundreds more! There are multiple opportunities for fun and for growing as a person here.
Bang for the buck
Lindsey is very expensive because it's a private college, but if you can get enough scholarships, it's DEFINITELY worth it! The close environment and standards of academic excellency here are worth every penny.
Tips for prospective students
Come for a tour, and even try staying a night in the dorms! I regularly house girls who want to see what staying on campus and going to classes is like, and every girl that I've done that for has absolutely loved it and ended up enrolling here. The athletics are great as well, so if you're on a sports team, definitely check out our teams; they're all either ranked high or on the rise.
Great for these types of students
-Students who don't mind a smaller atmosphere.
-Students who know how to make a fun time without a lot to do in town.
-Students interested in religion, biology, human services, psychology, nursing, or education, particularly. We offer other majors but those are the most popular, and they are excellent programs.
-Students who are friendly and open to new experiences!