Ashland Community and Technical College
Ashland, KY, USA


Ashland Community and Technical College

jared from ashland, KY

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The professors here are really good at helping you understand the material, I actually like going to class and learning something new everyday.
Am enjoying being here
I really enjoy going here, it is only a five minute drive from my house. The classes are small so you can learn more one on one with your professors. The campus isn't big and intimidating, it's small and you feel welcome when you go here.
Bang for the buck
This school is a great value, less than half the other schools I was considering going to. The financial aid office is really helpful too, they worked with me to help find as much financial aid as possible.
Tips for prospective students
If you want a great education at a great value and don't want to travel far from home, this is the perfect school for you. This school also offers many degree's and credits that can transfer to a bigger school later.
Great for these types of students
Anyone that wants to stay close to home and have an affordable education. This school is also for anyone wanting to transfer to a bachelor's degree, or anyone wanting to get the education they need to prepare them for an entry-level job.