Students studying

Physical Sciences

A physical scientist uses the knowledge of the elements to learn about the earth's past so we can better understand the present and predict the future. Curriculum for this major is very science focused. You'll study topics like geology, chemistry, biology, magnetism, physics, and a whole host of other subjects. Depending on the college you choose, you may have the option to concentrate your studies in one area to gain even more expertise. Many colleges have clubs or organizations specifically for physical sciences majors. Take advantage of these clubs and participate. One key component to success as a physical scientist is collaboration and the relationships you make during this time may serve you well in the future. Many schools offer teaching or research assistant programs. Taking on a teaching role or assistantship is a great way for a student to gain experience and may include a stipend and/or tuition waiver. After graduation, graduates can work as geologists, geoscientists, minerologists, or in other areas of physical science. If you're interested in teaching, you have the option of furthering your education and teaching at a K-12 or college level.

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