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Preparing for Senior Year of High School

Preparing for Senior Year of High School

There’s plenty to be done while you’re finishing your senior year of high school. So procrastinating the undergraduate application process can throw a wrench into your post-high school plans. Here are some ways to prepare for your last year of high school.

Application Strategy

It’ll be much harder to work on college or university applications once your senior year begins. Cut down your list of schools and start writing drafts of personal statements before school starts. Make a schedule for how much work you’ll put in each week on your applications. Finishing a couple each week can make the mammoth task less stressful.

Consider Financial Aid

Paying for an undergraduate degree requires a lot of thought, consideration and preparation. Plus, many scholarships have deadlines in fall. Search for scholarships that fit you and get a sense for how much work the applications require.

Additionally, start filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as you can. Your parents will have to work on it, too. Starting early helps once you reach the end of the admissions process, you'll be glad you did.

Plan Campus Trips

Some of the more enjoyable aspects of the application process are the visits. Check out campuses near you and pick a few schools around the country to tour. High school seniors tend to take these trips during Thanksgiving weekend, winter break and other long weekends. Finalize your travel plans early and try to hit as many campuses as you can. 

Don’t Lose Track

As appealing as it would be to coast through your last year of high school, you still need to finish strong. Stay involved in your extracurriculars, study hard and continue your academic success.

Despite what some high school graduates claim, colleges and universities do consider your senior year grades and will rescind your acceptance if they drop. Staying motivated will help you to keep your grades up and work efficiently on your applications.

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