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Your High School Transcripts: What Do They Mean?

Your High School Transcripts: What Do They Mean?

As you're getting ready to apply to college, you'll hear a lot about your transcripts. This can be a little intimidating, especially as most high school students have never seen their transcripts.

What Are Transcripts?

Transcripts are the official record of your course of study. They list all the classes you took, the final grades you received in each class and your overall grade point average (GPA).

Why Do They Matter?

Your transcripts are a reflection of your academic history. That means they're very important to college admissions teams. You'll be required to send your transcripts to a college that you want to attend.

A highly selective college or university may wonder if an applicant with a C on their transcript has a chance of succeeding in a more rigorous academic environment.

How Can I Send My Transcripts to Colleges?

How you submit your transcript depends on your high school and the type of application you're filling out. If you're applying via another application (like the Common Application or Universal Application), you'll need to arrange for your transcripts to be sent to the school. Talk to your guidance counselor to find out how.

Some colleges will require you to personally send them your transcript, while others will just ask your high school to send the transcripts on your behalf.

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