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What Students Are Saying

Some students that I know in Winona that are from the Twin Cities or other really big cities sometimes say that the city of Winona doesn't have very many things to do in it. Well if they are from huge cities, Winona obviously isn't going to have all of the entertainment available that those cities have. However, for a small town girl like me, Winona is the perfect sized city to go to college in! College students are so busy and there are so many things to do on campus that I don't feel like I have tons of extra time to drive around the city looking for things to do.
Other random tips: Apply to the University early and apply for housing as soon as possible. Housing is first come first serve - you will have a much better chance of getting the housing you want if you apply early.
Also, don't be afraid to email professors and other faculty at the university if you have questions about anything; they are happy to help you and often respect students who show a real effort in their college experience.
Try to contact your roommate before you move in so you can decide who is bringing what appliances in your dorm. You can also decide if you want to loft your beds or just bunk them.
Otherwise, just do what you've been told your whole life - do as well as you can in high school and look forward to college with a positive attitude! :)

Krystal from Echo, MN
College is nothing like high school at all. You get to pick and choose what classes you want to take especially ones that sound very interesting to you. Also no one is around telling you what to do every 5 seconds, professors don't tell you to take your hat off like they did in High School they really don't care I mean you are paying for the class. Also you can go eat all by yourself in the cafeteria and no one will judge you, No one really cares around here what you really do unlike high school people were very judgmental. College is the time to meet new people go out and have a great time. Yeah it might be hard not being around your friends and family all the time but thats what college is all about! Time to explore the world that is around you. You can also take naps wherever you are and no one will care. College is something that everyone should do yes it is very hard at times but in the end you know everything will be worth it. From those sleepless nights to even times where you don't even eat! College is something that everyone should look forward to. Wish you all the best of luck!
Stivalis from Minneapolis, MN
To get into WSU is not that hard. Good GPA (and TOEFL for international student). Some students never took SAT or ACT score and still got admitted. But if you want to be eligible for a lot of scholarships, take the SAT or ACT exam. Go for the university tour BEFORE you decide!
Athitaya from Winona, MN
My best advice for prospective students would be to come in with some credits if possible. Not only does it put you ahead of other freshman, but it allows you to choose your classes before the other freshman, makes finishing in four years more likely if you choose to pursue a minor, and gets you used to taking college classes.
As a freshman, make sure you step out of your comfort zone to meet people. Sure, it will be awkward, but that is the best way to meet friends you will have for the next four years!
Lastly, explore the scholarships that the school offers. Winona offers many different scholarships for diverse subjects, so you should be able to find one for you. Just spend the's worth it!
Anna from Clear Lake, MN
Come into college with an open mind. Meet new people, and enjoy the college life too, because you will learn more about yourself and what you want to do with your life from these experiences.
Samuel from Waukesha, WI
talk with advising counselors about potential career paths. get to know the professors in your department, and the staff you meet will become great resources and contacts for the future. exhaust all options before picking a major, you have plenty of time to graduate, so make sure you graduate with a degree you have a passion for.
Anthony from Winona, MN
Be yourself! Everyone else will be shy upon moving in, but everything will work itself out. As long as you're open, outgoing and most importantly willing to get to know people that are different from you, you will undoubtably meet some of the most incredible people.
You don't need a roommate! I didn't have one and still met some great friends. I never had a problem meeting people and in fact, loved my space and time to myself. If you'd rather have one, go for it! In most cases it works out just fine, and if you find that you and your roommate clash-that's perfectly fine! This will be a growing experience and you won't regret it.
Go to class! I know that it seems pretty awesome that you can skip whenever you want, but trust me, more professors want you in class than not. If you skip, you may be setting yourself up for failure by missing notes, assignments and participation. As most of my classes are discussion based, the professor notice if you're there or not and take this into account when grading. Go to class and get noticed! Talk and interact and participate. This will do you much more good than harm.
Be safe! This will be the first time for many (including myself) to go off to parties and experiment with drinking and drugs. While this is inevitable and whether or not you participate, you need to watch your back! You will be considered guilty by association even if you stay sober. So be safe! If you choose to drink and party (and there's nothing wrong with this), use your head! Stay with a loyal friend who will watch your back. Watch the time and make sure your priorities are straight. Don't overdo it and learn your limits. If you do this, you'll make some incredible memories.
Samantha from Robbinsdale, MN
Check out West Campus if you don't mind scheduling in a few more minutes for taking the short bus ride to main campus!
Lauren from Apple Valley, MN
Don't bring alcohol into the dorms.
Chrysa from Winona, MN
Winona is a great school. I would highly suggest living in the Dorms your first year because that is by far one of the best ways to meet new people. Also, there is a lake lodge on the big lake and you should definitely pay the $5 for a year long membership. You get to go kayaking or canoeing or paddle boating and there are activities held there too. I would suggest trying to join a club or two because that is also a great way to meet new people. The school is super supportive of its students. They have so many ways that you can get help if you are having a hard time understanding what is going on in classes. There are tutoring centers, you can always create a study group with fellow classmates, or the professors are normally more than willing to help out and really want you to succeed in their classes.
Emily from Brookfield, WI