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Menomonie, WI, USA


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What Students Are Saying

There are a few tips i can give you to help you through your first year at college. First, get out of your comfort Zone. The first year makes this the easiest, just be more outgoing. No one really knows anyone else so make friends, join clubs and you will have a blast. Second, plan your time. You will have so many things to do that it's hard to keep it all organized. Find a system that works, and make sure you add some time by yourself to relax. College gets stressful but what gets you through it is friends to laugh with and the thought that all this is to prepare for your future career. It's all worth it. Third, go to class. There are times when you will just be too tired or maybe sick or just too stressed to go to a class. So go to class everyday because you never know when you will get sick and have to miss it. Keep in mind that even just a one hour class can have so much information packed into it that you will have to take much longer to catch up.
Lindsey from West Allis, WI
Have an open mind for new things! Stout was a wonderful experience for me and I am so glad that I got the chance to go there. Work hard, play hard. ;)
Danielle from Hastings, MN
STUDY,STUDY,STUDY! I know you will hear parents, grandparents and teachers preach about this but its true. I never had to truly study in high school and still got good grades however I got a real shock when I realized that my normal routine wasn't enough. Several times I had to stay up all night before a paper was due to even start and finish it! Also it is a good thing to socialize but don't let people run over you. Be open about your own views, beliefs and opinions even with your roommate, if it bothers you let them know.
Amanda from Stevens Point, WI
Talk to your teachers and they will not forget your face, which means more recommendations for the future!
Laura from Milton, WI
Don't be shy! Get out there and meet people right away. Stout has so many great students. I've met so many fun people. But of course you also need to do that thing that no one ever wants to do...lock yourself in your room and STUDY! People are not exaggerating when they say study study study! The teachers here want you to succeed. It's up to you to prove to them that you are ready and can take any curve ball they give you. There were a few times when I thought that I was ready for a test and when I got there, the test was a little bit harder than I had the trick? STUDY!
Samantha from Mosinee, WI
For any student looking to further their education after High School, trying to choose a college can be difficult. I would just say to make sure you love the school your going to attend, don't pay much attention to how much you'll be paying for it because scholarships and grants are always available. Cost can be a huge thing for a lot of people, but for as much as it costs your getting all you pay for. Just remember to keep that in mind.
Also, I hope that you keep in mind that you should love what you do. And don't go to a college to be with your friends from High School, you will always be able to meet new friends. Do things for yourself and do things because you want to, not because of anyone else telling you what to do.
Make sure when you do choose and attend a college, do not slack off. Some students seem to think that college is like High School. It's not. You have to do your work and make sure its done correctly and on time. If you do this you will be just fine.
And finally, just have confidence in yourself and you will do well.
Nicole from MN
Go to every class because attendance matters even if you don't think it does.
Ask for help when you need it. There are plenty of on campus resources to help you.
Effie from Woodbury, MN
If you come to Stout then make sure to live in the dorms for your first year. It helps you get to know at least 30 people who live on your floor. Try to participate religiously in one club that you are interested in. Attend as much as you can in order to get the full college experience.
Hannah from Okeana, OH
Definitely do a tour so you get the feel for the school. They also have lots of activities going on weekly to keep you involved and also have some fun while not studying.
Sophmore @ Stout