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Stevens Point, WI, USA


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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 715-346-2441
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Start applying early for grants and scholarships and also acceptance. Always ask questions when you have the resources to.
Gao Kalia from Appleton, WI
Try to always get involved in the hall, may it be through programs set up by government or by decorating the hall wings with decorations to show some spirit. Take advantage of all the study areas available to students and the computer lab access in the dorm halls, all which have helped me tremendously since the academic school year began.
Oralia from Burr Ridge, IL
I would say get to know your professors. This is a small university, so you can get to know your professors if you really wanted to. Also, take the time to look around you and notice the beauty of the outdoors.
sarah from Milwaukee, WI
I am going into my second semester here, and I have 30 credits. Take as many college credits as you can in high school! This will not only knock off time, but also they higher the credits the sooner you get to sign up for classes (giving you the better teachers)! Also, visit as many schools as you can, not only on a campus tour, but stay with some friends you know there to get the feel for it.
Jacquleyn from Mondovi, WI
Be careful of bottleneck courses, which are courses that a large number of students are required to take to get a degree but only a limited number of classes are offered. These classes fill up very quickly and thus require students to be put on a waiting list. These waiting lists fill up very quickly so it is imperative that you get on the list as soon as the course fills up.
Daniel from Tomahawk, WI
Make sure you apply for scholarships the summer before freshman year! Look into your major for the school you want and see if there are incoming freshman scholarships. Pack light, you don't need your whole wardrobe if you're moving into the dorms, just bring basics, you can always get the rest later or at Christmas. Just remember the first few weeks will be hardest away from friends and loved ones, even if you don't think so, it will so be prepared for home-sickness and maybe bring something with you that will be a piece of home in your room. Don't forget to bring an open mind and also keep your door open! Also if you're interested in clubs, don't be afraid to get involved! It's very easy to get started in a club at any point in the semester; I joined Taekwondo Club freshman year, and have been teaching ever since! It's a great opportunity to meet hundreds of people and teach everyday, plus if you take on leadership roles you get very good at public speaking, especially if you're like me and teach to hundreds of students a day! Good luck with your college plans and I hope to see you at UWSP soon!
Katie from Stevens Point, WI
Don't be afraid to get involved, there will be something that you find works for you. Talk to other people in your dorm, or in the seat next to you, you never know, they may turn out to become your best friend.
Morgan from Stevens Point, WI
Some tips are that when looking for a college to attend to, look for one that will really benefit your future and yourself. A college is a big step for a lot of people and you want to find one that will make you a better person but will make you work harder for yourself.
Mai from Milwaukee, WI
take a walk around campus and see where the buildings are. they call the buildings by their initials, so it may be tricky to find your way around according to your schedule.
Megan from Wisconsin Rapids, WI
the first tip is to get involved as much as you can, join clubs and go to as many free events as you can. be social, try to meet new people, and talk to strangers. also go in for help if you need it, most professors want to help you.
Ariana from Baraboo, WI