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Ann Arbor, MI, USA


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  • Coed

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Level of Institution
4 Year
Campus Setting
Small city
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Admissions Requirements

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Important Deadlines

Application TypeApplication DeadlineReply Deadline
Early Action Acceptance is not binding, but student will receive admissions decision earlier.November 1
Fall Regular DecisionFebruary 1May 1
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Average ACT Composite: 34
Average SAT Composite: 1448
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Average GPA
Students Enrolled By GPA

3.50 - 3.74
3.25 - 3.49
3.00 - 3.24
Students Enrolled By Household Income

< $30k
$30k - $48k
$48k - $75k
$75k - $110k

Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Telephone: 734-764-7433
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Apply early! You'll find out if you got in a lot earlier, and it will increase your chance of getting in, too. Also, don't expect A's here. There is a high level of competition and you can't just skate by just by going to classes and taking notes. One more thing, don't be intimidated by the huge size of this school. It's really easy to make your own smaller school within the bigger university, especially if you're in the engineering school, school of kinesiology, or the business school.
Elizabeth from Rochester Hills, MI
-Take a visit to campus during the summer and think if you can see yourself going to school there. Make sure to check out the campus and the downtown.
-Don't be afraid to ask questions! Seriously, we've all been in the same position as you.
-Don't slack your senior year of High School- admissions will look at all your transcripts, keep up your good work.
-Be outgoing at orientation- I made some great friends there. Orientation is a great chance to meet people with the same major as you.
-Get involved in activities on campus- try it and you might like it! There are tons of organizations to choose from.
-Lay down rules with your roommate when you first meet to avoid future conflicts in the future.
-Pack carefully, bring things like a fan and all of your bathroom stuff- my roommate is from Missouri and she brought everything except her toothbrush, not a big deal, but funny.
-Be friendly in your dorm, you can meet lots of people!
-Buy tickets for the football games- everyone goes
-If you get homesick, don't worry, it's normal, you will get adjusted.
-Make sure to find out where your classes are before the first day of class- you will save yourself A LOT of hassle and stress.
-Know your professors- take advantage of office hours, they will know your face and you can get valuable help.
Jessica from Farmington Hills, MI
Take advantage of every moment! The school has so much to offer, it would be a shame to let the 4 precious years you have here go away without being able to get all the benefits from this amazing school. There are always activities and groups to be a part of. Figure out what interests you and get involved.
Gabriella from Sandy Spring, MD
You know you're a michigan wolverine when you're open to new ideas and have strong passions for improving society through breakthroughs. The school isn't necessarily looking for people who have it all together (aka 4.0 GPA, best athlete in every sport...etc) but rather students who are willing to learn from others, their own mistakes, and into the future for interesting opportunities. Just show your hunger for knowledge and you're set! Also be genuine with your passions. Just because you were the editor of the newspaper doesn't mean to you have to pursue journalism in college. Figure out what you like and don't like. Be daring and try new things.
Julia from Ann Arbor, MI
VISIT VISIT VISIT!!!! When you visit a campus, you really get the feeling if you belong.
Todd from Williamsville, NY
If you live in Michigan, you should definitely visit one of the school's information fairs. They give a tour of the university, help you with the application process by giving tips and important info, you get to observe the city of Ann Arbor in the process (or are welcomed to do so after the visit is over), and you usually get a pretty realistic glance of student life. Last time I visited Michigan for an information fair, we were received by a fraternity's party occuring in one of the many fraternities at Michigan. That further boosts the belief that there is always something to do at Michigan.
Victor from Monroe, MI
Come into university with eagerness to participate in extracurriculars, they are essential to success both in your social life at college and your own personal growth as an individual.
A Girl from Florida
Do not be afraid to apply, whether because of tuition rates or admission rates. It is possible to get in and be able to afford it! Once here, join organizations because that is how you will make some of the greatest connections. Become friends with your roommate and establish rules before the school year begins so there aren't any confusions later on. Also figure out where your classes will be and order your books early! There are plenty of sites that will help you find cheaper books. Ask around -- maybe other students have those books and you can just borrow! Save your money because once in college, money will go really fast. Try to limit how much you spend a week and go to stores like Meijer or Target for essentials because they are much cheaper than any store on campus. In addition, meet with your adviser to learn of the available resources on campus, such as the Career Center or CAPS. Be friendly! Whether you may have been shy or not in high school, this is a chance to start over new. Make friends with those on your floor, your Resident Adviser, and peers!
Catherine from NY
You need to keep your GPA high and get involved at school. Michigan is big on being involved: everyone I've ever met here is in at least one student organization trying to accomplish something. If the university can see that you're a go-getter, they are more likely to let you in even if your grades are not quite as high as they should be.
Sarah from Troy, MI