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What Students Are Saying

Aside from all the tips that have already been mentioned above, I just suggest that students don’t study all the time! You are in a great city and a great campus! Go out and join an organization, meet some people, and have some fun! Studying all the time is not good for your health. Sometimes, besides hanging out with friends or going to events, I like to work out to relax my body. It helps me sleep at night and it might help you! Another tip is that you might get lonely sometimes (because campus is so big) so make sure to plan dates with your friends in order to catch up! Everyone is going in their own direction and if you don’t plan things, sometimes you won’t get to see them at all.
Lila from Houston, TX
Don't stay in your dorm all semester! People tend to form groups of friends really quickly but most like to meet new people. Go out, meet people, join a club or an intramural, talk to the person sitting next to you in class. There are so many ways to meet people around campus.
It's a great idea to consider living on campus your first year (and maybe even your second). You're close to everything - classes, library, gym, on campus events, dining halls, even the drag (the nickname for guadalupe st, which has a lot of shopping and cheap restaurants) - and you get familiar with the campus.
If you eat on campus, eat at Kinsolving or J2 more than JCL and Littlefield Patio Cafe - it's cafeteria style food, so not gourmet, but they are cheaper, and they're buffets.
Explore Austin!!! Austin is an unbelievable city and there is so much for everyone - nightlife, green parks, music festivals.
You can even use the city buses for free with your student id card -- take advantage of that!
The gym is free for you, too!
Go to your professor's office hours! They are required to have these hours and most just sit around in their office during that time. They will (most likely) appreciate that you are taking the initiative to ask them questions. In larger lecture classes, the TAs will hold the office hours as opposed to the professor, but the same philosophy applies.
Take classes that interest you! There are so many possibilities. Need a science credit but hate biology? Try astronomy! Need a fine arts credit and just want a break from the textbooks? You can take theatre! There is even a History of Rock & Roll class.
Find ways to have fun - that is why people love UT. Whether you're more into the partying scene or just hanging out with friends or going to the free movies that the student union shows twice a week, there is so much to do.
Shannon from Missouri City, TX
Well, first off, use the resources that the university offers! You pay to go to the school, so use as much as you can. There are study abroad advising, career centers, libraries, academic counseling, recreation centers, and more. I see many students who don't take advantage of the resources that they pay for, and these things can very well help you get a job in the future and also make your life a lot easier!

Also, don't be afraid to ask your professors for help. Go to their office hours and whatever tutorial sessions that the teaching assistants or professors have; most of them are very, very helpful. In the end, if you're on the border-line for a certain grade, and the professor saw that you were trying by doing all the above things, you will find that most professors are very sympathetic and will sometimes give you a little bump. However, if you didn't really try in their class, of course they won't be as understanding.

UT Austin is also known as a party school. College is perhaps one of the best times of your life, but take it from me that you don't want to party even one semester away because that will hurt, a lot, in the long run. There's nothing wrong with having fun! Not at all! But do things in moderation, and you will have an absolutely great time.

And one of the important things is to be smart! What I mean by this is that UT Austin is a big school, and when you have a large group of people, crime is bound to happen. Don't leave your stuff unattended. If you bring your bike to school, make sure you lock it up with either a really good lock, or two locks. If you bring your car to school (I wouldn't bring any type of nice car personally, i.e. BMW, Mercedes, etc.), don't leave anything interesting lying out or else it will be broken into. It's always better to be safe than have something happen to you.
Brendan from Kennedale, TX
During the first semester, you're going to get pulled into the night life and habits of going out, making new friends, and skipping class but always try to leave some time for studying.
You probably hear it a lot but it really works. Studying helps so much. Sometimes going to class isn't much help but if you have a textbook, make sure you actually open it and read it from time to time. Don't just spend a $100 on a textbook and not highlight and take notes in it. You're going to sell it back for the used price anyway, go ahead and mark all over it.
Getting to know your professors is helpful also. If you aren't doing very well in the class but you go to the office hours often, the professors will be more lenient because they see that you've been trying.
Jacklyn from Houston, TX
Get a map of the campus and walk it before classes start because it is easy to get lost. If you go to cultural festivals you can meet new people and get free food. The campus bus system will be your best friend. The campus is huge and is horrible to have to walk across. Don't be afraid to use campus study resources, they are free and meant to help you pass.
Cailun from Houston, TX
1. Most students, myself included, suffer from procrastination. However at UT, you will find it very difficult to fall behind in your classes. UT offers additional resources for students who might be struggling in their classes or who are interested in additional instruction, including free tutoring, flexible professors, and supportive clubs and student networks. My advice: take advantage of these; they are here for you. Try new things for you may find you like the new opportunities provided to you.
2. Buy your books from the Co-Op early to make sure they arrive before classes begin. At the end of the semester, you can return your books to the Co-Op for pretty good prices.
3. Bring clothing for all weather. The weather in Austin is wacky: one day it will be sweltering hot, the next blustering cold, and the day after wet and rainy. Bring rain boots, an umbrella, layers, your winter coat, and maybe a wind breaker for it can get breezy.
4. A few days before classes begin, map out your route to your classes. You don't want to be clueless on your first day.
5. Talk to your professors. They are really interested in talking to you, however scary they may seem.
6. Get a good alarm clock. You will be tempted to sleep through a few of your classes.
7. Do try and get some sleep. Save the parties and Netflix marathons for the weekend.
8. Take the city bus. It's free for students and can take you anywhere you need to go. It can also be fun, like a mini-adventure.
9. Don't forget when studying, you do need to take breaks and have fun every once in a while. You're in college, you deserve some fun. The key is balance.
Rachel from Carrollton, TX
Quickly adapt to the college system. Your first year may well be the hardest year for you because of adjustment issues. Use your first year to cushion your GPA for the harder courses you'll have to take in your later years. In terms of classes and professors, the best way to choose between them is word of mouth and course rating websites. Unfortunately at UT, your GPA will be reflective on professor you choose so be wise during registration. Unless your classes require new textbooks, try to find used textbooks or earlier editions because most likely the textbooks aren't different at all. In high school you may have gotten away with procrastination but you won't in college. Working a little everyday is so much easier than working a lot in a few days. Talking to your professor during lecture and office hours will help you in some way whether it is getting that letter of recommendation for various applications or possibly bumping that GPA up at the end. Lastly, set your priorities straight but also enjoy your time in college. There are really a ton of events, organizations, restaurants, etc. so take advantage of them.
Brandon from Pearland, TX
1. VISIT!!! To truly find out if it is for you, be sure to visit as much as you can before making your decision! See if you can stay for a weekend. This will help with your decision making.

2. Ask questions! As many as possible! Never be afraid if you do not know something. People at the University want to help you! Let them

3. Apply for scholarships and as much free money as possible. Do not allow the fear of not getting these opportunities steer you from trying. There are so many opportunities for you to pay for school and enjoy such a University as Texas.

4. Be open to new things. There is so much you can learn and gain from those around you. Learn of others and teach others of you and your culture along the way. You will be amazed by how much the exchange of culture, information, love and knowledge will impact you, others and the campus as a whole.

5. Join organizations, clubs, etc. It is very important to stay involved with the University. There are so many things you can do! Of course there are Greek organizations, but there are also ministries, awareness groups, societies for academics, government and even vegans who like hugs! There is something for everyone. Do not let the fear of not being accepted keep you from getting involved. You will be surprised how much people have in common with you.

6. Do not spend all of your Dine-In Dollars and Bevo Bucks your first semester there! You will be sad and calling home for money if you do not learn how to balance you funds. Trust me, I KNOW! There are resources such as Bevonomics that help students financially who live on and off campus.

7. Utilize the “Profiler” in order to find a roommate(s) suited for you. It is very important to get along with your roommate(s). Having a healthy relationship with the person(s) you live with is important for you to have healthy relationships with others. There are definitely Residential Assistants that help with these kinds of problems. There is the Counse...
Mirakol S. from Dallas, TX
1. Don't let your school work completely take over your life.
Work hard, but take breaks. Giving your brain rest is extremely beneficial.
2. Make friends with people in your classes!
Study groups saved my life last semester. It's a great way to help understand material while making really great friends.
3. Don't trust frat boys.
Is this offensive?
4. Go to theme parties.
Nothing more fun than walking through campus in a toga!
5. Watch your bank account.
The Drag will take more money from you than you'll believe.
6. Don't give up.
I worked extremely hard, failed all four of my Physics tests and made a 50 on the final; I made a C. Curves are your best friend.
7. But don't slack off.
Keep your GPA higher than the gas prices.
8. Use
LOW-RATED PROFFESORS = LOW GPA. Do not test this theory for yourself.
9. If you're confused about your major, take general classes and don't worry too much about it.
10. If you have a question, ask.
11. Work hard; Play hard.
It's that simple. Get your work done, then take your well-deserved break. Enjoy every minute. It goes by fast!
Marissa from Burleson, TX
Do not forget to create a professional UT e-mail. It is important to separate work and play. The buses in Austin are your friend, some even run until 2 in the morning! Tight on money? Many clubs offer free food in meetings and there is an app on both android and iphone called &#34;Hooked&#34; to help students find great deals. Never trust a printer. Always print your essays the night before or earlier. The University Co-op on campus is extremely expensive, so seek alternative ways to purchase your books before going there. You are what you eat, so don&#39;t forget to eat healthy or your grades could suffer. Lastly, please seek help. Don&#39;t be afraid to ask your professor, friends, or peers a question.
Michael from San Antonio, TX