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What Students Are Saying

Since OBU is expensive, file for financial aid and audition for scholarships available to your college pursuit. Follow every oppurtunity you receive.
If you have a work schedule, let your advisor know about it when you enroll so they can take it into consideration while planning your class schedule. Let your advisors help you - that is what they are there for!! Ask them questions even if it sounds dumb. The advisors are SO helpful at OBU and will gladly answer all your questions.
Also, college is stressful so recruit help in all types of ways. get help from parents, faculty/staff, friends, and fellow students. Have your family clip coupons to help you save money and ask for gift cards for Christmas to help relieve some financial strain. Use your professors office hours to look over papers and grades. Ask the faculty tips that will help you make that A in your toughest class. Get friends to go cheap for that fun night out and ask them to wait for you until you are done studying. Start group studies with fellow students if you are having trouble staying awake while reading that long chapter. Use every possible asset that is available to you to help you succeed in college and reach your dreams.
Alyssa from Oklahoma City, OK
If you're thinking about coming to OBU, my main advice would be to come on a preview day or a campus visit. When I visited the campus I knew this was the place for me. Being there and picturing myself in my everyday life on the campus really made me feel at home. It is a gorgeous campus and everyone around is so friendly.
Zip Bang OBU!
Take a tour! Come visit during a Preview Day. It's a great experience that will allow you to get a feel of the school and see what campus is like. If you choose to come to OBU, be sure to go to Welcome Week activities. This is an amazing way to get to know your fellow freshman, upperclassmen, and professors! It will also help you familiarize yourself with campus so you won't be quite so lost on Day 1 of class.
If you have come from a big high school and didn't like being hidden in the crowd, or came from a small school and don't want to be a small fish in a huge ocean then OBU is perfect for you. The campus is small, yes, it is also very Christ-centered, for instance partying is very rare, there are no big frat parties like you see on TV, it is a close-knit university where you are required to go to a certain number of Baptist Chapels over the course of four years. I was not a partier in HS, and I hated the idea of my college being focused on just that, but OBU gives a loving environment where almost every professor weaves Christ into the lessons and I am really enjoying that. It is not like any college experience you see on tv or movies, it is better.
Jessy from Decatur, TX
Honestly, when first coming to OBU be prepared to embrace the awkward. We're really good at awkward, but you will notice it transform into some of your biggest ideas, closest friends, and most trustworthy colleagues throughout the years. We also do loud really well. We do smiles. We do friendly. We do intense. And we are probably some of the most enthusiastic people you will ever meet when it comes to new students. We will even move you in�¢���¦literally!
Ashley from Mustang, OK
-APPLY, APPLY, APPLY! The application process is super easy because there is no essay or application fee so it's worth filling out!
-Ask questions and get to know the Admissions Counselor for your area- all of them are super helpful and really care about getting to know you, which makes the search for colleges less stressful
-Come visit campus- OBU is such a great place and it is somewhere you just have to see for yourself. Going on a campus tour can also give you information about campus life from an actual students point of view!
Abby from Shawnee, OK
obu will give out tons of scholarships but make sure to try hard in high school and keep those sat and act scores high!
Anna from Mcallen, TX
Get out and get involved. Leave the door to your dorm room open when you are just chilling or doing homework, go eat in the cafeteria, hang out in the student union. Your experience will increase tremendously if you put yourself out there and allow friendships and opportunities to flourish.
Sarah from Yukon, OK
Make sure to know what you want to major in. Get all materials in as early as possible. Choose a college based on your preferences, not because the tution is super low or it is close.
Khayriyyah from Grandview, MO