Oklahoma Baptist University
Shawnee, OK, USA


Key Academic Stats

Highest Degree Offered
Total Number of Students
Total Number of Undergrads
Academic Calendar

Four-one-four plan

Non Traditional Learning
  • Online Classes
  • Online Undergrad Degrees
  • Summer Sessions
  • Some Programs Requires Co-Op/Internship
Learning Options
  • ROTC Air Force
  • Study Abroad
  • Honors Program
  • Teacher Certification Offered
Student:Faculty Ratio
US National: 21:1
Classroom Sizes

2-19 Students
20-39 Students
40-99 Students
Graduate in 4 Years US National: 28%
Graduate in 6 Years US National: 52%

Faculty Overview


African American
Asian/Pacific Islander

What Students Are Saying

The classes are challenging, of course its college, and the classes are small so the professors will be able to match your face to the name and will be able to see you drifting off in class or notice when you are not in class, but I think that is a good thing, because the teachers really care! They email you and ask how you're feeling when you miss class, because they're worried about you and want you to get the most out of your college classes as possible. Because the classes are challenging I can see an obvious difference in my knowledge for topics that I didn't even know I had a passion about until after I got into the class. If you really want to learn and enjoy the intellectual part of college then OBU is the place for you!
Jessy from Decatur, TX
I have been more challenged in my few years at OBU than ever before in my life. Our professors care, and they care enough to challenge you. We may be a Christian university, but that does not mean that we don't explore things outside of the box. Outside the box, inside it, around it, under it, and even the box itself, all are taken into consideration to prepare students to engage the world beyond. I have had the opportunity to take intensive looks into parts of the world that are typically just swept under the rug. On average professors are extremely approachable and willing to meet you if you are struggling. You aren't just a number.
Ashley from Mustang, OK
OBU is not a blow off college. The people here are here to apply themselves and learn. Students as well as professors push themselves to be the best that they can. Professors are willing to work with students one on one, so while the classes are challenging you wont drown.
Charis from Ponca City, OK
Though OBU is a challenging school they offer an ample amount of help to aid students in doing the best they can! OBU has a 13:1 student to professor ratio so it makes it easy to get to know your professors. When I was struggling in a class I had a professor sit aside office hours just to tutor me over the material we were learning and that not only helped me pass the class, but also gained trust in the professors on campus because they are so willing to help their students. We also have the Student Success Center on campus, which is where students can go when they need help with school work. They host study sessions, offer tutoring services for homework, and have writers assistants for essays, thank you letters, and so much more! And the best part is you don't have to pay for it!
Abby from Shawnee, OK
you are definitely getting your money's worth for the education that you will receive!
Anna from Mcallen, TX
Professors here are passionate about their students and their success. They know you by name and want you to truly enjoy your learning experience. Classes are difficult, but looking back at the knowledge gained it is well worth it.
Sarah from Yukon, OK
Theres many things to study. The academics are difficult. I like the choices.
Khayriyyah from Grandview, MO