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What Students Are Saying

1. Get involved in something: a club, sport, organization, church, etc. It is the fastest and best way to meet people.
2. Keep a schedule. There is a lot of freedom here, so its best to balance you academics and your activities.
3. Go to office hours - this is challenging the professor to teach you. Office hours and review sessions are the best places for help (especially in large lectures).
4. Stand out. Network yourself. Meet professors and administrators. Get to know people for who they are, not just what they do. Who you know does matter.
David from Perrysburg, OH
Get involved! This is the easiest way to meet new people, aside from living in the dorms. This way you can meet people with the same interests as you. Also, do not be overwhelmed by the size of the school at first--instead, take advantage of everything a larger college has to offer.
Danielle from Dayton, OH
Come in to Ohio State or any college ready to work, it is not simple and it is different than high school for sure. However, do not feel guilty about having fun, relaxing and making friends though either!
Lauren from Cincinnati, OH
Stay within yourself, and keep things in perspective. This is a huge school without a doubt, but that doesn't mean you don't matter. Never forget to study; for those of you in high school who didn't really study but still received good grades (like me!), this will change. If you keep academics first, everything else will fall into place afterwards.
Dominic from Bellevue, NE
If you don't have a career in mind, join the exploration major. They work well with their students, and try to match your interests to a major and career. Always remember to get involved in something, as well, since it help create a small circle in such a big school.
Amarilis from Newbury, OH
You would have to really try to not meet people. Make sure you develop good study habits as they are crucial to doing well. Get to know your professors, sit in the front, go to office hours, and meet your teaching assistants. Get everything on a schedule so you still have time for fun things besides studying; that said, it's very easy to get sidetracked.
Randi from Ashland, OH
Get involved. There are so many opportunities at Ohio State that it is a shame to miss out on. Also do not be intimidated by the size of the campus, once you learn your way around it does not appear to be as big, I like it a lot because there are so many different opportunities, activities, and different types of people that you do not get bored.
Claire from OH
* Eat on campus as much as you can. Some people say the food is jusy okay (I thought it was incredible!), but they regret not having a meal plan later!
* Get involved with an organization. I got involved as soon as I came here last year. Joining Undergraduate Student Government allowed me to learn how this university works and I met so many amazing people!
*Go Greek! Although it's just a small portion of the student population, this is a great way to interact with the community as a whole because there are so many volunteering, social and academic opportunities through Greek Life!
* Study! Go to class and let yourself become engaged in discussion. You don't have to feel awkward about answering a question in class or asking one anymore. It's encouraged. Then, study for exams in the amazing new library! It's so quiet and there's lots of staff to help you with whatever you need.
*Find people to talk to. Talk to advisers, your tour guide, or alumni. Talk to professors and TAs and GAs. Get to know them. You will never know when you'll need them to be around!
Katelyn from Macedonia, OH
Get to know your dorm on the first week and even if the people living with you aren't like people you were friends with in high school, make a conscious effort to be their friends- having people that will have your back right next door is price less.
The involvement fair is super overwhelming and is totally not the only place to find clubs and activities. If you don't find what you need there go to the union or talk to your peer leader from orientation- they are always willing to help.
It's a big campus but it's not a confusing campus, just make and effort to walk everywhere and figure it out.
Be nice to everyone because even though it is a crazy big campus, the Buckeye community is super close
Cameron from Delaware, OH
Creating bonds with your teachers (because I created bonds they have already written me recommendations).

Visit the teachers and assistance hours; (they get bored a lot because now one hardly comes).

Go to the library; (there is a library on campus for every major department).

Go to review sections they have before a midterm; they are really helpful.

Get involved it is the fastest and best way to meet people with the same interest as you.

Keep a schedule because you are going to want to go to so many things you might not remember something.
Joy from Washington, DC