Monroe County Community College
Monroe, MI, USA


Monroe County Community College


a current student here
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Am learning a lot
As is to be expected with college, I have learned more here in under a year than I did in four years of high school. Over all, I'm thrilled with the school! These classes have been challenging, but nothing too far out of my league and I feel that I am getting a good education here.
Am enjoying being here
The environment of the school is refreshing and I am satisfied with the way I am being taught.
Bang for the buck
This is personal, of course, but I definitely feel like I'm getting my money's worth or more. Classes are affordable and I feel like the quality of the classroom environment is better than what I could get for more money.
Tips for prospective students
- The professors here have made themselves available to aid students, don't be afraid to ask for help.
- Classes are challenging. Study, make use of the resources available to you, and - most importantly - attend class.
Great for these types of students
Students who prefer smaller classes.
School provides a quiet learning environment.