Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, USA


Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans

Megan from New Orleans, LA

a current student here
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In three sentences
LSUHSC-NO provides top-notch quality education. Faculty members are knowledgeable experts in their field. School has many opportunities to get involved in your educational experience.
Tips for prospective students
Get involved! Join as many student groups as possible and VOLUNTEER.
Academic Rigor
They have high standards, but give you all the tools you need to succeed.
Dorm Life
It's a professional school so you're not dealing with crazy first time colllege kids who've never been without parental supervision. Good gym facilities in walking distance as well as dorms being connected to main buildings via two story secured walkway.
Food and Dining
Unfortunately, the cafeteria hours aren't the best, but good food!
What to do for fun
LSUHSC is in downtown New Orleans, you are walking distance from the Superdome which makes catching a Sunday night game very easy. You're also a streetcar ride away from the French Quarter with plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
What other school provides alcohol at school sponsored events?!
Great for these types of students
Professionals who are serious about school and serious about partying. We live by the motto Work hard, play hard
Campus Safety
Parking lots are lit so well you'll think it's the middle of the afternoon at 2am, there's a series of walkways that are student ID access only that connect main building on the second floor and are monitored by cameras and campus security.