Loras College
Dubuque, IA, USA


Loras College

Jessica from clearlake, MN

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The school has a lot of great courses that keep you learning. The professors are very helpful. They also have a class called MOI which is a fun transition course which helps freshman meet fellow classmates and transition between high school to college flow smoothly.
Am enjoying being here
Everyone is very friendly and will wave and say hi to you even if you have never met them. It feels like home, every one is very caring about each other even if they just meet you.
Bang for the buck
It is alot of money but it is well worth it. They do have scholarships that help the money issues.
Tips for prospective students
Come for a visit, It will feel like home and that you belong here right away.
Great for these types of students
Anyone who is looking for a small college with a friendly staff and students