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What Students Are Saying

1. If you apply early enough and send in a housing deposit, you can into one of the nicer dorms, even as a freshman. You can apply in the summer before your senior year. Dorm descriptions are on the website.
2. Some people feel as if there is not a lot to do on campus, but you can find plenty of activities in which to get involved.
3. Prospective students should be aware that freshmen have a curfew of midnight during the week and one a.m. one the weekend.
Laura from Virginia
First, if you attend Lee, get involved. I promise you can find something on this campus to do. Do not sit around in your dorm room while you can be out having fun and making friends.
Second, take the ACT/SAT as many times as you can to get your highest score. Lee offers some great scholarships if your scores are high enough.
The rest of these are not really tips, but just things you need to know. You should know that you will have to sign the community covenant which says you will not drink, participate in premarital or extramarital sex, etc.
You should know that freshman have a curfew of midnight through the week and 1 AM on the weekends, but everyone must be in by 3 AM or they are considered out all night and recieve accountablity hours.
You should also know that chapel is required. Christian or not, you must attend 70% of chapel services. There are some exceptions for students who are married, are working, or have any other special circumstances.
Also, study abroad is required of every Lee student. They do this so that students have a better understanding of other cultures and things of that nature. Also, 80 community service hours are required before you graduate. Along with that, everyone at Lee must minor in Bible. The community service hours count as a part of your Bible minor.
Heather from Tunnel Hill, GA
Prospective students should definitely get involved. Make the best of their experience by making friends, getting to know the professors, advisors, and other staff, striving for the best academically, and have an open mind in order to grow spiritually!
Brittany from Cleveland, TN
Lee is the campus where Christ is King! This is such a fun school to be at, and it's centered around our Lord and Saviour so it's even better! Come with an open mind and heart willing to learn from God.
Alexis from Bedias, TX
Be aware of some rules: boys and girls are not allowed past the lobby in the opposite sex's dorm halls and there is a curfew of midnight on week nights and one o'clock on weekends.
Amy from Mohnton, PA
Absolutely check this school out if you're looking for a cheap, quality christian education on an epic campus.
Colm from Jasper, GA
Girls go for Sharp/Davis hall (Its the nicest freshman girls dorm)
Guys go for Bowdle/O' Bannon

You have a curfew; 12am on weekdays and 1am on weekends. (It's not a big deal, I promise)

You are required to go to chapels, but only 70% a month. (Everyone is there so it's like a big hang out and not like a church service.)

Freshmen won't be able to have cars so make friends with upper classmen.

Come to LEE DAY! It's the best way for prospective students to see everything happening at Lee in one weekend. It's usually the first weekend in April.

Whatever your expectation are, they will be blown away by how amazing this place is.
Anna from douglasville, GA
Get your scholarship info in early and don't miss the deadline
Benjamin from Gonzales, LA
Lee University is fantastic if you give it a chance. Because it is not widely known, many automatically write it off their list. However, if you go to visit Lee it will become clear how wonderful the small college can be.
Jimi from Freeport, FL
Decide your major before you get to college.
Don't wait to apply for scholarships!
Christopher from Benton, TN