Kaskaskia College
Centralia, IL, USA


Kaskaskia College

Michelle from Vandalia, IL

a current student here
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In three sentences
kaskaskia college is based in centralia, il, but is also quite spread out in the surrounding area. it's a great school to attend for cosmetology, nursing, automotive, or for quickly (and cheaply) getting your generals out of the way for other degrees. it's very low-cost, budget friendly, and offers a very wide variety of classes in with a small town feel.
Tips for prospective students
- buy your textbooks online; you'll find them much cheaper there!
- try reselling your textbooks to other students. the professors are often very eager to pass on the word for you!
- research your professors. there are a few that don't teach very well.
- get involved on campus! there are clubs, activities, and even sport teams!
Academic Rigor
academic rigor really depends on what you're going to school for, here. most of this college's courses are challenging and have a lot to offer. some science and math majors may be disappointed but it also really depends on what professors you take classes with. the professors tend to be very nice, easy to approach, are helpful, and hard working. but, of course, not all are. kaskaskia college's nursing program has a reputation for being very intensive and educating. it's also a great preparatory, two-year college.
Dorm Life
i don't believe there are dorms. it's nice to have the freedom of living on your own, choosing if you have roommates, where you're going to live, etc. kaskaskia college is in a low-rent area and there are many housing options available. some people would prefer the experience of living in a dorm or simply not have so much responsibility, therefore, this may be a negative to some.
Food and Dining
there aren't cafeteria's but the campuses do have a designated area for eating. these areas usually have the basic kitchen setup: microwaves, coffee pots, toasters, necessities (such as styrofoam cups, plastic silverware, napkins, etc.), cabinetry, and sinks. these areas have very comfortable tables and chairs to sit and eat at, too!
What to do for fun
kaskaskia college and it's campuses are in small town, more rural areas. there are some stores, movie theaters, parks, and camping sights in these areas but, overall, there isn't a whole lot to do without traveling approximately 45 minutes or so to many nearby bombing cities such as effingham, il, edwardsville, il, peoria, il, or even the st. louis, mo, area.
Bang for the buck
- students have the option to obtain their textbooks from wherever they choose: the college bookstore, online, from peers, etc.
- kaskaskia college is very low cost at a maximum cost of about $5,000 per year, depending on the program or degree path desired.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
- near exam time and holidays, kaskaskia college campuses put out free cookies, drinks, and other deserts or snacks for its students and staff.
- free coffee is always offered and sometimes there's even hot chocolate, too.
- kaskaskia colleges computer labs are really big, updated, comfortable, and offers free printing. their computers have almost all programs that could be needed for classes except those needed for the digital media classes.
Great for these types of students
- students seeking degrees in nursing, cosmetology, automotive, and more.
- students wishing to acquire an associate degree, especially those planning to transfer to more extensive colleges.
- students with a smaller budget or wanting to spend less.
Clubs and Activities
there are plenty of clubs and activities; my favorite was going to plays the drama club put on.
Greek Life
no greek life.
Campus Safety
the biggest worry, for me, was someone hitting my car. kaskaskia college's campuses are small, and well maintained. most have security personnel who watch closely and are very helpful. (my car battery died once and security willingly jumped my car at no cost.) kaskaskia college is in a low-crime area. although, it always advised to lock your car doors and keep an eye on your things.