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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 910-893-1200
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What Students Are Saying

Don't waste your money if you're comming here to squander your time (I can name some other colleges for that). Always take advantage of the open library (especialy when your finals come), buy your books early (finding them online instead of Campbell's bookstore will save you money, particularly when you return them to the bookstore), always use the gym at least twice a week (its free!), and most importantly, use the camel bucks towards the end of the semester (if you come to Campbell, you'll know what I mean).
Josh from Eastover, NC
Be a good well rounded student. This school is getting bigger and better. It is a good school now but with the Physician Assistant major available starting the 2010-2011 academic year-this school will be getting more prestigious and harder to get in over the next upcoming years.

Also I was reading this on the Campbell website that after each student took this National Survey of Student Engagement- more than 92% said their college experience was excellent or good!
Marisa from Middlebury, CT
New students will now have a freshman seminar starting 2011-2012 school year. They'll have guest speakers consisting of faculty and current students. They'll learn things about Campbell that us current students had to experience first since no one told us.
Chris from NC
Study,Study, and More Study
Caleb from Hickory, NC
-Make friends with people who have a similar major, you will see a lot of them and have a lot of the same classes.
-Make study groups and take advantage of them!
-Get to know the campus
-Get to know your professors, its a small school and you have the rare advantage of this.
-Get involved in clubs to meet people.
Alex from Benson, NC
Make sure to find a roommate or pray that you end up with someone that you can be friends with or at least tolerate.

Ask around people already attending for the professors to get.

Talk with professors and get to know them along with your fellow students.

Make sure you either have a printer that has ink and a lot of paper or you have money to print.

Once you are in a dorm it can take a long time to switch dorms, so pick the dorm you want to stay in.

Always get books from another source other than the campus bookstore.
If you are looking for a school in a big city with a lot of parties, this is not the college for you. There are parties and things to do around campus, but Campbell is not located in a big city where you can do anything. I would highly suggest this school for people considering entering their graduate programs. However, if you are getting a regular business degree or something of that nature, this college can give that to you, but for a whole lot more money than other colleges.
Troy from Fayetteville, NC
Start strong, study hard, and stay focused! Remember, someone is paying for your school, so keep the grades up!!
Christian from Lincolnton, NC
Be prepared to enjoy campus life and get involved as soon as possible. A new student center is being built and will provide an awesome place for students to gather and enjoy doing stuff together. Do you best in high school and if your school offers the dual program with a local community college, sign up for some classes! This will help give you a feel for what to expect on the college level.
Layne from Bear Creek, NC
Apply for as many scholarships as you can, this school is very expensive. Try to keep a positive attitude about everything. Find time to get a personal relationship with your professors.
Campbell Student 18'