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What Students Are Saying

Take advantages of the opportunities that Baylor offers its new students, and make sure to visit the campus. Baylor is a beautiful campus. I would also recommend looking at some of the options for housing beyond the normal freshman digs. Engaged Learning Groups, honors dorms, and Brooks College all offer great accommodations. Personally, my freshman year, I lived in Brooks College, a new dorm with a dining hall that looks just like the great hall from Harry Potter. Trust me, the private bathrooms, brand-new building, and more make it worth the extra application essay!

Lastly, I want to let you know a few insider secrets about Baylor.
1. When registering for classes, don't even bother with, go to There, there are many, many more ratings and books for sale from students. It's a much better tool.

2. Don't leave a visit to Baylor without checking out the coffee house on the corner of campus called Common Grounds and the cute-as-can-be craft store next door called Harts 'n Crafts. They are my favorite places!

3. You might want to know though are that there are required religion courses, required chapel, visiting hours for opposite genders in all on-campus housing, and no greek houses allowed. Despite these downsides though, I still love Baylor!
Meaghan from Keller, TX
PREPARE for your SAT/ACT and take them as many times as you can until your scores are rockin because Baylor bases Non-need scholarships on your Academic Achievement.
GPA/ class rank is important but my admissions counselor informed me that Baylor is understanding that high schools are crazy competitive and that some schools don't rank.
Extra- Curricular seem to be very enthused at Baylor and while grades are Priority it is very important to be a well-rounded individual.

P.S. - over 85% of Baylor students are on financial aid and over 80% of them are White. Its also a Baptist School. But Guess What? No One Cares! Its a very accepting environment and everyone their is super nice so don't let the minority factor scare you!
Sarah from Houston, TX
Come visit! That's how I made my decision RIGHT AWAY! Keep your options open and if it feels right then you should BE HERE. There's no reason why you SHOULDNT come to Baylor!! :]
Ashlee from Waco, TX
Prepare for the SAT. I feel that is what they largely base scholarships on. Also, start studying your Bible. My freshman (required) Christian Scriptures class was tough! Baylor accepts quite a lot of AP credits, so check their list (posted online) and pass those APs! you save valuable time and textbook money.
Sophomore Baylor Bear
The first step is to get into Baylor is to do the requirements (excellent course selection, grades, rank, SAT/or ACT, and extracurricular activities and community service) and apply as early as August. Apply to other schools as well because you can negotiate prices.

Apply for FAFSA as early as possible along with extra scholarships.

The summer before school starts learn what type of learner are you (auditory, visual, kinetic or a combination). Make sure you are able to take good notes because not all teachers allow laptops in class. Lastly, visit Baylor for yourself so you know where your classes will be and the location of help centers.

Once accepted visit to give you an idea the teaching style of the teacher and student’s opinions on that teacher. I have found it is better to judge the teacher by how they teach instead of the teacher’s ranking. Ask yourself, does he or she use power points or just lectures? Does he or she give pop quizzes or only exams? Will he or she require a heavy load of homework or independent studying?

By having the teachers you prefer in mind map out the times for the classes. As a freshman your counselor will help you fit the classes you want but they do not consider the best teachers. TRY to pick one of the sessions for advisement during the summer, classes get filled fast!!!

You can use bubooks to also buy and sell textbooks, do not bother buying books from the bookstore. You can log onto your bearweb account, sign in, click on student service & financial aid, next click registration and lastly on purchase your books to see what books you need for the upcoming semester.

Lastly, on the first day of school exchange numbers with your peers.
Katherine from Houston, TX
If you are a girl select Collins as your dorm of choice, if you are a boy select Penland. I promise that you will thank me later! If you are really into growing spiritually select Brooks College as your first choice.
Megan from Allen, TX
Take your professors' words seriously and don't fall behind in class.
Ngoc from Houston, TX
-be sociable!
-be aware of the Christian mindset here
^^as for the Christian atmosphere, it's not imposing or stifling at all..of course there are individuals who come in with ignorance but it's to be expected from a Christian school. You just learn to ignore and adapt.
-check out the Honors Program (it's great)
Robert from CC, TX
When registering for classes and making your schedule, try as hard as possible to keep your classes as close as possible to each other so you wont have to be running across campus to your next class because your next class starts 5 minutes after your first class. Also, order your books online and have them shipped to your house or your school address because at the line at the beginning of the semester for books is treacherous. You will be waiting for hours.
Tochi from Pearland, TX
Baylor has a rolling application deadline. Submit your application in as soon as possible. You don’t want to be clueless at the end of May as to where you are going in two months. You also have a better chance of getting the dorm of your choice. Baylor emphasizes SAT scores. Take the SAT early, if need be take it twice place yourself in the best position possible.
Plan for orientation: How many days will you stay? Where will you stay? What questions do you have? What opportunities interest you? You will register classes at orientation also, be sure to pick an early orientation to better your chances of a great schedule. The first to register have the first pick at times.
Make sure to become acquainted with Robinson Tower where help with financial aid, records, transcripts, etc can be found. Use facebook to find your roommate(s) and coordinate living together for the year to come.
Alvin from Richardson, TX