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4 Year
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Early Decision Acceptance is binding so student must attend college if accepted.November 1
Fall Regular DecisionJanuary 3May 1
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January 2
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Average ACT Composite: 35
Average SAT Composite: 1520
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3.50 - 3.74
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3.00 - 3.24
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Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-638-0700
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Get good grades. Write a strong essay. Don't give up hope if you aren't accepted right away--I made it in off of the wait-list, so keep in touch with Washington University until you find out the final decision.
Catlyne from Wheaton, IL
Get involved. You will more likely be accepted if the school sees that you are passionate and active. Also, the more you work on managing your time now, the easier it will be once you get to Wash U. Good grades are also very important.
Rebecca from Fort Collins, CO
Be original in your application. Many of the students here have quirks that make them unique. Some students backpacked through India and other parts of Asia. Others are interested in coal-reform and green energy. I have a friend who's really into swing dancing. Though you need a high, competitive high school GPA as well as good test scores, your essay and choice of extracurriculars are two avenues through which you can express both your personality and individuality. Cookie-cutter students need not apply. If you're looking for a group of accomplished, competitive students without the stress that you'll see at East Coast Schools, this is your next best alternative. Since we're in the Midwest, time seems to slow down and people tend to be more relaxed.
Female Student from Atlanta, GA
The admissions process is competitive but by no means impossible. Obviously, things like a strong academic record, high standardized test scores, and an exceptional application essay are important; unfortunately, as with many selective universities, they do not necessarily guarantee acceptance. One way to stand out in a talented group of applicants is to demonstrate an ability to succeed in a college setting. With opportunities like the High School Summer Scholars Program, Washington University offers potential students the chance not only to show that they can handle Washington University coursework but also to earn college credit. While getting involved in the college scene during high school may not assure acceptance, I think it certainly gives students a competitive advantage.
Another important point is that Washington University has something of a reputation for placing many applicants on a waitlist. From what I know about it, the number of students—if any—who are accepted off the waitlist varies from year to year, so there is no way to really tell what your chances are. If you are offered the chance to be placed on the waitlist and are still interested in attending Washington University, accept the waitlist position, but make sure you have a backup plan.
Angela from O'Fallon, IL
Go visit! I fell in love with Washington University in St. Louis as soon as I saw the campus. It's also where I found out that WashU stresses your interest when it comes to decision time. I spent one summer in WashU's two week Architecture Discovery Program and I know that it helped me get my acceptance letter.
Katherine from New York, NY
Come take a tour. Maybe do the OWL program to see if you like staying in the dorms. Try the food, too!! Washington University has a huge variety of food choices. Also, be prepared for different types of weather from rain, to heat, to humidity, to snow. Washington University is excited to welcome any prospective students on campus.
Demonstrate academic and extracurricular passions and achievement. In the end, your acceptance or rejection happened for a reason. If you are accepted, you will most definitely fit in here. Come! If you aren't, as hard as it may be to acknowledge, you will probably be happier somewhere else. I honestly believe that students get accepted to the places where they are meant to be; don't sweat the rejections because you would not have enjoyed yourselves in all aspects at whatever school(s) that may be.
Carly from Santa Ana, CA
Make sure you don't spend your entire freshman year in the library. The people I've met at Wash U are some of the nicest, most welcoming people I've ever encountered, and it would be a shame for you not to escape the confines of your favorite study space and experience college the way it's meant to be experienced. Finally, don't be afraid to explore all of your interests: Wash U offers so many opportunities for you to do this, and after all, college is really the only time for you to try everything to figure out what you really love.
Lindsay from Plymouth, MN
Join just a few teams and clubs and get very involved in them. It's not like high school where we do a bunch of things so it looks nice on our college app *winkwink. At WashU, students do things because they're passionate about them.
Also, we have such great food here!! deserts, Chinese food, Greek food, etcetc.... ETC... and they taste wonderful. BUT if you get tired of the food here.. you can always go to the loop. There are restaurants there such as Panera, Cheese-ology. etc.
Yuwei from St. Louis, MO
Look carefully at what you want to do and the reasons you want to do it. If you seek a top-notch education to be able to explore your deep, personal passions and interests, Wash U is for you. If you're just looking for a degree, which there's nothing wrong with, you can get the same thing at other institutions for a much cheaper price in most fields. Wash U is hard, so be prepared to take on a heavier workload, especially if you come from a laid back, non-competitive high school like I did. However, you'll walk away feeling like you truly learned something, and the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.
Andrew from Dahlgren, IL