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What Students Are Saying

APPLY EARLY--I applied early action and it was great to know in *December* that I had gotten in. Waiting until March or April is not fun, as I learned with other college applications.
Lindsay from Downers Grove, IL
Keep your grades up. Slacking off senior year, even second semester, not only can potentially hurt your chances of being accepted or keeping that acceptance, but it also makes the transition to college much more difficult when you're used to coasting through or skipping all of your classes.
Athena from DC
Come to campus in the spring, summer, or fall if you can, and not just to look around. Take an official tour, and I recommend staying overnight in a dorm. It'll help you get a better feel for what being on campus will be like.

Also, search for the Notre Dame Job Board, and apply for a position somewhere before or shortly after arriving on campus. That will prevent you from getting stuck doing food services, which isn't terrible but certainly isn't as good as the opportunities for students who search around in advance.
Marcus from WI
Take a heavy course load senior year. You jump right into work on the first day. Join a lot of clubs. It'll help you learn how to manage time.
Crystal from Grand Prairie, TX
Be prepared for the cold! Also, take advantage of the resources the university provides for you early and start making connections with the faculty. Everyone always says that, but it really makes a difference later on. The Notre Dame network is legendary, make sure you become a part of it early!
Kayla from Jonesboro, GA
- Whatever you do, make sure you look into your area's Notre Dame Club. There are Notre Dame clubs all across the nation (and some internationally) and they offer scholarships. Be sure to apply for your club's scholarship because when it comes down to money, that could be the difference between being able to afford a Notre Dame education and not.
- I wasn't told this until later, but apparently recommendations from English teachers look stronger than ones from other subject areas.
- Be sure to send in A.P. scores if you have good ones. It can only help.
- For seniors hoping to save their application: focus on your essay. In the final months (or weeks or days ... or hours) before your application is due, your resume and test scores can't be helped much anymore, but your essays can.
- Stay positive, you'll end up where you're supposed to
Karyn from MO
Take advantage of the program Notre Dame offers in which prospective students visit campus and stay with a student in the dorms overnight. It's the best way to understand what it's really like to be a student at Notre Dame and to see if it's a good fit for you! If you cannot participate in this program, I recommend at least taking a tour. But be careful--you're sure to fall in love with Notre Dame as soon as you set foot on our campus!
Erica from Longwood, FL
Almost everyone loves it here, and I know way more people that transfer in than transfer out. Odds are great that you'll like it, the only problems are getting in and paying for it, which can be pretty tough. Don't write off ND for either reason, though. I didn't think I would get in, and I did, and Notre Dame gives plenty of financial aid.

Also, buy football tickets. The games are so much fun and totally worth it.
Kathryn from Palatine, IL
Work hard, know exactly why you want to come here (besides the cliche reasons of football and etc). And if you don't get in, apply to transfer! :)
Benjamin from Temple City, CA
Show what you can bring to the community. Be open to personal growth and discernment.