Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin


Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

Belle from Douglasville, GA

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In three sentences
The campus is extremely beautiful. Just don't step on the grass! Very scholarly and the people there are very kind.
Tips for prospective students
Beware, it's a busy place. Not only is it a full running college, it's also a very big tourist attraction, so be prepared to always see tons of people on campus.
Academic Rigor
Just know this college is well known for a reason. Don't slack off!
Dorm Life
Don't expect a 5 star hotel room. This college is very old. The College accommodations page is really easy to navigate and it tells you plainly what you get. So look it up.
Food and Dining
Food in Dublin is extremely good. The Brazen Head is by far one of the best restuans in the area but there are many other great places to get good food.
What to do for fun
The main city of Dublin is literally right outside the college gates. It's not hard to find something fun to do, especially since transportation if so cheap.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
I think the only thing that I saw there that was a little unusual only really pertains to you if you're not from Europe. In many places you typically go into college as a "Freshman". At this school at least, instead of being called "Freshman", the new students coming in are called "Freshers"... Just something to be aware of.
Great for these types of students
This is the place for students who love going to school where everything is rich with history. The college is in walking distance from Dublin and transportation is really cheap. So, if you like night life, it's not the hard to get out and about. Now don't be mistaken, this is not the kind of place where you can slack off and still get good grades. You need to work hard, but who says you can't also have a little fun every now and then.
Campus Safety
Because the college is such a huge attraction, the campus is extremely safe place to be. If you ever feel that you're in danger ,help is literally always around the corner.