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What Students Are Saying

Take advantage of all opportunities to interact with TCU. Take a campus tour (some of my friends are tour guides!), or come see the campus on your own. Work hard on your application and don't let your grades drop during your senior year. If you are waitlisted, don't give up! Keep in frequent contact with people on campus and you have a good chance of getting accepted. I know many students that have gotten into TCU this way. If you are accepted, make sure and go to Frog Camp! It's not mandatory but it is SO helpful. I didn't get to go to a Frog Camp and it's one of the things I regret most. Those who went formed lasting friendships before school even started, and got the opportunity to interact with upperclassmen and faculty members. I will hopefully be a Frog Camp mentor next summer, so I hope to see you there! :)
Lauren from Baytown, TX
Come visit. The campus will take your breath away on a sunny day and there is so much to see and take in if you come and visit for a day. Check and feel if you can see yourself living here and walking to classes every day. Also, if you get in, make sure and take part in the First Year Experience. Frog Camp, Orientation, and Connections are so important to finding friends and getting plugged in. They are so much fun and will really help you feel at home here.
Kathryn from Allen, TX
Don't slack off in your senior year of high school. Colleges pull your transcript both semesters and frequently rescind an offer or reduce a financail aid package if the prospective student has not taken the senior year as seriously as the other 3. Don't just go to colleges your best pals or boyfriend are checking out. Trust me.... once you get started in college, those wallowing in the glory years of high school don't fit in and will hold you back. Hit the ground running in college and take a balance of classes each term (in other words mix up the classes). Check out Rate Your Professor.com for reviews on professors in classes you want to take. Don't overreact or underreact, but read all reviews, talk to friends and follow your gut. Sometimes you will have to take a class from a professor that is not as good as you'd hoped, but you can balance it with others because everyone else is talking about the professors too. Take that wizened advice and drop a class if you need to. BEST ADVICE.... there is NO shame in hiring a tutor. Only do so within the first 2 weeks of a term if your first exam/paper is below a C or you feel overwhelmed or have ANY, even the slightest, concerns of success.
Cecily from San Diego, CA
o One major tip is to come and visit TCU. There is no better way to discover what the college is like and if it is right for you. Many people say that if the college is right for you, you will feel it as soon as you step foot on the campus. This is exactly how it was for me. I listened to my heart and I am confident that I made the best choice. Another great idea if you plan on coming to TCU is to go to frog camp. By attending any of the amazing frog camps available, you will be able to make some great friends and start to create (or increase) your horned frog pride!
Schuyler from Wichita, KS
If you're thinking about going to TCU, i suggest you get a planner, because it is so much going on that it's overwhelming. You should also get your priorities straight and know that there will always be something fun to do, but academics come first. I also suggest you stock up on purple!
Kristen from Duncanville, TX
Get involved in high school and show interest in the school. Before you make a decision visit the campus - you will fall inlove! Don't worry about not fittin in because they is room for all types of people. Take advantage of the people that are here to help. Learn how to manage your time!
Evelyn from Pasadena, TX
My tip is to really put your personality into your application. For example, get someone to write a recommendation who knows your personality, not just grades.
Mariah from Oro Valley, AZ
Study, Study, and Study! Also, get involved, it will make your college experience so much more worth it! Come to the Football Games and sit in the stands and watch the team play, Our Horned Frogs are great!
Emily from Fort Worth, TX
Apply early and make a Freedom of Expression page! Most of the major scholarships are handed out to those who make the November 1st deadline, and it never hurts to show that you've put time and thought into the application.
If you are looking into TCU but you've never visited, go visit. You really can get a great feel for a school just by walking the campus and talking to the faculty, parents, and students. I'd suggest going on a Purple Friday tour day, because you really get to see the school's spirit during the football season. Also, make sure the school has strong programs for the major you'd like! Another thing that should be noted: THIS SCHOOL IS VERY GREEK. At times, the non-Greek students feel as though they don't exactly fit in because the majority of campus is involved in fraternity/sorority life. If that isn't something you are fond of, you may have a few issues with the school. I cannot emphasize how much the Greek system rules the social scene, so take that into account. The weather can also be extreme. It DOES snow in Fort Worth! This past year, we had about 6 days off of school due to bad winter conditions. Aside from the snow, it can also get over one hundred degrees with up to ninety percent humidity. Hail, flooding, wind, and tornadoes can also be issues around campus.