Tallahassee Community College
Tallahassee, FL, USA


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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 850-201-8555
For International Student Services: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

You wouldn't go on a trip without planning a little, so I suggest looking into the classes and teachers you want to take. For those of you on Bright Futures, make sure you pick your classes wisely because you only get so many credit hours. Meet people in your classes and see if you can split the price of books with them, because they are VERY expensive. Also, if you meet people then you have a friend in case you miss class one day, but that won't happen now will it! One thing you should definitely do is GET INVOLVED! Join a honors group, clubs, work somewhere on campus, help out in the Learning Commons, do something! To get places in life you need to have connections and know people, and that all starts with getting involved. But most of all have fun while your in college. Your only here once, so live it up and learn as much as you can.
Brittany from Tallahassee, FL
For starters, if you can, get as many credits out of the way in High School as possible. You will not have to worry about paying for those classes, and you will be ahead in the game a little. If you can not do that, there are other things you can do to make sure you do well. One would be picking your teachers wisely. Of course you have the teachers that do not teache well or a strict. You can use ratemyproffesor.com, but be careful, cause they may not always be true. Another good tip would be to ask students who they took and they liked. You can get a lot of options from that and look for the classes with those teachers that fit your schedual. Of course studying is a bit part of it all and they more you study and practice, the easier it can be. Also, go to class. Even if the teacher says they don't do attendance, which most do, you can miss out on a lot.
Maria from Tallahassee, FL
Try if possible to dull enroll. It will help you in the long run. TRUST ME!!!
Coral from Tallahassee, FL
Do not underestimate TCC or any community college because you think it's not the same or not as good as a university. I can honestly say, living with a university student, that I get the same education if not more attention and focus. There are usually 30 people to a class vs. 300 which is always a plus. The campus is huge and the only difference is that you don't live on campus. There are plenty of places around TCC that are walking distance from campus, and TCC is very close to FSU and it is in the heart of Tallahassee.
Adina from Boca Raton, FL
Enroll with high expectations and they will be meet. The teachers are awesome and very intuitive. They strive to help the students from my experiences. The campus is beautiful and diverse. It's a great place to grow as a person and discover more about yourself than you already know.
Sean from Fort Lauderdale, FL
If you are just beginning, then I would recommend visiting the student union and getting advised If you are Just getting use to college than this would be the right choice because the teachers are helpful, and want you to succeed. The only outcome to succeeding is doig what need to be done in and outside of class, such as home work and class assignment, in course books, and working with your teachers and keeping up with the schools website. Email, Blackboard and everything else required of you to do.
Ricky from Tallahassee, FL
You will need to study,pay attention to teacher's,and also get an hobby.
Milton from Tallahassee, FL
After getting admitted/transferring, make sure all required forms are complete before the first day of class or you will have to wait in long lines and will end up dealing with more stress before classes are even in session.
Alison from Tallahassee, FL
A student should always stay ahead and never get behind, Learn their professors teaching style, Get familiar with the campus, Maintain a health body weight, do not overwork yourself or you will become stressed.
Kaneshia from Tallahassee, FL