Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College
Bowling Green, KY, USA


Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College

Crystal from Glasgow, KY

a current student here
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In three sentences
BGTC is a great place to get a degree because of the atmosphere. The staff is very willing to help you out anyway they can because they want to see you achieve your goals. This college is great at setting you up for your career!
Tips for prospective students
If you are thinking about attending this college and love the thought of being small but complete, this is the place to be. The campus are small but they have everything you need on them and if not they will bring it to YOU from one of their other campus. They make you feel like part of the family.
Academic Rigor
The professor at the campus I attend are very Rigors. They push you and challenge you. That I really like because I want to know that I gave it my all. But what they also do is help me when I am in a rut. They don't have to worry about failing as long as i ask for help. They are stern but they are understanding. That makes for a great learning experience!
Dorm Life
Currently I live off campus in my own home. I am not aware of the campus having dorms but there are apartments around and community housing so there is always a home life.
Food and Dining
There isnt a dinning hall where I attend, but the town is full of restaurants and you can gets discounts by providing you student ID. But there are vending machines for drinks and snacks between classes.
What to do for fun
There are many things you can do for fun, but some of my favorites are going to the mall and then to Beach Bend Water park!
Bang for the buck
The tuition rate is great compared to a big university. You get what you pay for and that to me is everything. So if you are low on cash but want a good education this is the place to go!
Great for these types of students
This college is great for every type of student. From the 18 year old all the way until you are ready to stop learning. No age limit or life style. If you are willing to learn this is the place for you!
Clubs and Activities
There are different events through out the campuses and they try to involve everyone. No one is left behind.
Campus Safety
I feel very safe because for one it is small and secure. They are very alert. There are cameras in the parking lot and there are no hidden places to be taking advantage of. There is always someone walking around outside watching as well. You are never alone!