Northeastern Illinois University
Chicago, IL, USA


Northeastern Illinois University

Migdalia from Chicago, IL

a current student here
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In three sentences
Northeastern has a very comfortable environment. Teachers that you don't even have will ask you about your day and classes, they'll even offer any help that you would need. As well with the students, everyone is very talkative and welcoming.
Tips for prospective students
Don't be afraid to ask for help! Especially for little things like directions, everyone is very kind and will stop to help.
Academic Rigor
I feel that the teachers I had at Northeastern were very fair in the grading. They always remind the class when homework, exams/tests/quizzes, and papers were going to be due. They provided help/tutoring. They we're very exact about what they wanted out of the class's work too. They were understanding about late work or if personal problems conflicted with class attendance, if warned ahead of time via e-mail or told at a previous class.
Dorm Life
There are no dorms.
Food and Dining
Northeastern's Subway, Mexican food stand, and Salad Bar have really great food. The Asian food stand is no Panda Express but it's okay.
To buy lunch everyday can get costly with the lowest price at every stand being between 5-6 dollars for a good filling meal.
The lunch room is very well kept and there's always seating.
What to do for fun
The P.E complex always has great activities going on year round. So if you want a good fun work out, check the scheduled events there.
Clubs and Activities
During the warmer months, there are always little events held by students in clubs looking to gain members.
Greek Life
During the warmer months, there are always little events held by students in clubs looking to gain members.
Campus Safety
Northeastern has a texting and e-mail service to let students know everything from harsh weather conditions or crimes that may have happened in the area.
You sign up through the school provided e-mail system.

Antonio from Skokie, IL

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Northeastern Illinois University is filled with delightful professors that go beyond the basic expectations in helping student’s succeed in their classes. All of my professors have flexible offer hours, and tutors are available free of charge by the university in the library.
Am enjoying being here
Student life at NEIU is complicated as the school is a commuter school. Needless to say many friendly people attended this university and there’s always something to get involved in.
Bang for the buck
NEIU has a reputation for providing affordable education for many years now. The school is one of the cheapest forms of higher education in the Chicago land area. Recently it was ranked amongst the highest schools with the less amount of graduates leaving without debt.