Nebraska Christian College of Hope International University
Papillion, NE, USA


Nebraska Christian College of Hope International University

Daniel from Papillion, NE

a current student here
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In three sentences
good college, small community, you know everyone. very good education, especially for a smaller college.
Tips for prospective students
definitely visit the school to see what you think, it is helpful to feel the community aspect and see if you like it. the school is far enough from the city to be in a safe and quiet area, but still close the city.
Academic Rigor
challenging, but you definitely learn what you need to know before you graduate. offers some programs that are taught from a new aspect, actually preparing you for ministry not just a teaching role in the church etc.
Dorm Life
pretty good. nice to know everyone and it is safe. no drugs, or alcohol in dorms, at least that i have known in 2 years, and you are not expected to do any crap by other students. new dorms with a bathroom in each room with shower and sink, which is nice.
Food and Dining
good food, it is catered in, only bad part is you pay for every meal rather you are hear or not, or like that meal. they do their best to give a good variety for each meal though.
What to do for fun
go to the movie theater, applebees, hang out. about anything you can think of with it being right outside omaha.
Bang for the buck
great education, especially for the small amount you pay compared to other colleges. the one-price tuition is nice, because your tuition stays the same as long as you are on campus and go each year without a break in semesters. watch out for some of the programs though, as with every college, music requires more a semester because of lessons, and choir etc. upfront for the most part though.
Great for these types of students
people seeking god, christians, people who desire to serve god, or get a good education in the bible.
Clubs and Activities
basketball, volleyball, and tons of music.
Greek Life
Campus Safety
definitely safe, and secure.