Lake Region State College
Devils Lake, ND, USA


Lake Region State College

Kelsey from Litchfield, MN

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The classes are small, which helps. We have 4 IVN classes for interactive classes that can be taken at LRSC that are offered at other schools. The teachers genuinely care about how their students do. They monitor classroom attendance and progress, notifying the counselors and students of any concerns. The classes are rigorous, but also fun at the same time. The instructors are approachable, always willing to help a student. Alot of teachers provide several means to be contacted which makes it convenient for the students.
Am enjoying being here
There are lots of different things to do on campus. There are scheduled intramurals every week. We have many clubs to choose from to get involved in the school and surrounding community. We have an area called lower deck that has pool tables, hockey, karoke. They host bands and social events here too. Every weeknight there is something to do. Basketball is big here at LRSC. With themed games and tailgate parties on several game nights. The meals at LRSC are great too! We have a dining hall and a snack bar area that offers different options daily. Brunch on the weekends is really good. If you stay on the weekends, it's not as busy, but around town you can usually find something fun to do. Our campus is all under one roof, so we can wear flip flops to class year round! The dorm rooms are unique and offer more room than a typical dorm room as they are suite style with 4 students sharing one bathroom and have an additional area outside of your bedroom for clothes, shoes, or maybe a fridge.
Bang for the buck
LRSC is the perfect transition school. It's a 2 year school that offer many 4 year degrees through televised classrooms. I will more than likely be able to obtain my 4 year degree here at LRSC, paying community college tuition and not having the hassles of transferring and integrating into another school. LRSC gives you a good idea of the rigorous academics that college requires so you will be ready if you do transfer to complete a 4 year degree at an University. The school has a generous foundation that offer scholarships to many students. There are work study opportunities and jobs on and around campus. LRSC is in a small community that has everything you need right at your finger tips. We enjoy trips to Grand Forks on the weekends for a mall trip, good restaurants, recreation, and just to get away.
Tips for prospective students
Come see us. We offer several opportunities to see the school and ask questions. I am one of the ambassadors that will show you around so I should know. Be open to new experiences. If there is something going on on campus, go check it out! Don't procrastinate with your applications and scholarship applications or you might miss out on some money.
Sit with someone you don't know at meals, introduce yourself. Most college students are open to making new friends and meeting new people.
Great for these types of students
LRSC is great for students who aren't quite sure if they want to start at a large 4 year college. It's small enough to where you know everybody. The teachers will know your name. They will notice when you are not in class. They will know you when you are doing well and when you are struggling. You will be more than a number here at LRSC.