Guam Community College
Mangilao, GU, USA


Guam Community College

Tanya-Marie from Guam

a past student here
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In three sentences
Overall, terrific teachers/instructors that care a great deal about getting the education that we (students) deserve. They continue to assure that students understand the course lessons, more so, willing to take time out to work with students that may have difficulty with certain areas of the course.
Tips for prospective students
The student population is very diverse at this community college. There is so much to learn from one another in and outside of the classroom setting. Always have a goal in mind and keep a driving force. This community college will provide the readiness students need for workplace.
Academic Rigor
These standards at the community college is rather comparable to other educational institutes. Grades must be passing, otherwise, the student is placed on academic probation.
Dorm Life
Dorm life is not an option here at the community college. This is due to the lack of resources on campus.
Food and Dining
There is a small restaurant as well as a coffee shop in another building, both located on campus.
What to do for fun
There are seasonal activities and/or events that take place on campus. Students can find fliers posted throughout campus for all the upcoming activities and/or events hosted by various clubs and organizations of the community college.
Clubs and Activities
Many different clubs are found within our community college.
Campus Safety
Safety is a definite priority for all those on campus. Security guards are always on campus. Parking lots are well lite for all those attending evening classes.
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