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What Students Are Saying

Most could agree that high school does not prepare a student for college. Most of my classes require a 100 pages of reading per week and per class. Writing is ten times more vigorous than high school and be prepared for fast pace learning. At first it will be difficult to adjust to college lifestyle, the freedom and making the choice to do homework or just take a nap, but after a semester everything will become normal, simpler and easier to balance.
Arlene from Vancouver, WA
Check out the Honors Program (for those who want a little deeper liberal arts education) and the Hogan Program (for anyone interested in entrepreneurship or business, not necessarily business majors though) when you're applying. Also, don't be worried about not having a football team, GU basketball more than makes up for that.
It gets cold here.
There are some creepy people in Spokane's Logan neighborhood which the campus is surrounded on 3 of 4 sides.
Don't choose Marian Hall if you don't want to walk far - it's off-campus by few blocks. When it snows, you don't want to walk that, and then Frogger across a busy road between the dorm and campus.
Greg from Honolulu, HI
Make sure your ideals are in line with the Jesuit spirit. If you are not ready for your religious views and intellectual views to be challenged, Gonzaga is not the place for you. Gonzaga strives to make students men and women for others. If you are excited for that, this is the right place for you. If you've never lived in the snow, make sure to bring a warm wardrobe and boots! The snow is really fun, but it can be a pain when you have to walk across campus and it's freezing and you keep falling. It probably won't be a problem unless you don't have the right wardrobe!
Visit the campus, and if you're accepted go to GEL Weekend. I was planning on attending another school until I went to GEL Weekend and fell in love with the community on campus.
McKenzie from Woodinville, WA
Work super hard in high school and keep those grades up. Try hard on your SAT and/or ACT but it's not everything, I was way below average but was still admitted and even given a hefty scholarship from the school so don't lose hope if your scores suck. Also, get involved in community service as much as possible.
Kaitlynn from Spokane, WA
check out details for your intended major, be sure to go shopping for snow clothes and proper shoes
Catholic school girl from San Diego, CA
Be very open to try new things because you'll never know what you'll end up liking. Be very friendly and you will find out you'll have too many friends to count. KEEP UP ON COLLEGE BASKETBALL! The student section is ranked as the third best student sections in the nation. Games are amazing and you'll be amazed at how intense they can get, and how easily the hype will suck you in! The McCarthy Athletic Center is said to be one of the toughest places for the visitors to play in the country because of the amazing support from the students and all of Spokane. Do your research as to what has to be in the application because this school is very selective, you have to really want it to get in, and once you do you'll be glad you applied. Spend time on the essays and make sure they're the best they can be. Spend a lot of time looking for scholarships and apply early!!!!! It is amazing how much a scholarship can help and how much relief it provides, because it's that much less money you have to pay off in the future! And relax! Everything will fall into place so don't worry about everything too much.
Julia from Spokane, WA
Take advantage of the plethora of clubs, activities, events, retreats, and academic services offered at Gonzaga. Don't forget to bring a winter jacket and snow boots!
Just go in with an open-mind to fully embrace the Gonzaga experience. Get involved, seriously, it's the best way to meet a ton of people!!!
Alexa from Haiku, HI