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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-342-0471
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Make sure you have over a 530 on the writing portion of the SAT. They tell you they don't look at that score, but they do once you are in college. If you don't make a great score (like I did) they will make you take extra tests (the Regents test). If you do well on that part of the SAT then you have less to worry about in college. Make sure you study of course, but do not spend your whole time studying. You need to meet new people. Don't just hang out with people you met from your high school explore new things. I joined the International Club because there are foreign exchange students in there and it is fun to learn about different cultures. Join a few clubs to let you know it's okay to relax after a long day of studying. You aren't required to go to every meeting anyways. Make sure you occasionally check who your roommate is before you move in (they do change) and plan what each of you will bring. There is no promise you guys won't get along, but don't walk in thinking negatively or else you will have problems. Be willing to share space and be nice and don't bring the opposite sex in all the time, because they want privacy too. Always ask and make sure you express your boundaries. Tell them what you do/do not like happening when you are/aren't in the room. Overall have fun! It won't be hard to do, but remember you do need to study and have a great college experience!
Jennifer from Hiram, GA
My tips for students are to study hard, but have fun at the same time. Try new things in college. You may find a new interest. I recommend getting to know your teachers too since they will be the ones you will be going to for references. Get to know your roomate early. Things will go much smoother.
My Number One tip for prospective students, especially at GCSU, try EVERYTHING! GCSU is really big on students getting involved and they make it so very easy. Getting involved not only looks better to your teachers and the other staff around you, it also may help you while applying for a major. Most importantly, getting involved makes making friends and getting to know the school extremely easy!
Robin from Decatur, GA
Go on a tour here and see what you think. It's always a great time here in Milledgeville.
David from Milledgeville, GA
please take advantage of the free tutoring service. instead of printing out notes (i.e. handouts and power point slides), write down all the notes. this helps you understand it better. join at least one club or organization, so you can make friends, go on trips, and learn new things. do not take too many electives. finish your core before taking any electives.
Jiya from Milledgeville, GA
Use your resources here at Georgia College and State. Get to know your teacher well until they know you personally that they can help you if you should have problems. Also be actively involved on campus and in the community. This will give you the chance to really grow as a person and learn a lot of life lessons.
Joshua from Hephzibah, GA
The campus is beautiful and the night life can distract you, but from day one of classes you need to stay on top of your course work. It really is all in the syllabus, and as long as you stay ahead of your work the years ahead won't be nearly as hard as you're expecting them to be.
Get involved with whatever interests you. Many students sign up for everything, and then slowly get involved in a couple that really speak to them. The few who don't sign up for any clubs or activities can feel left out quickly, because everyone else is busy with new friends and activities. Everyone is new, so feel comfortable to join anything that sparks your interest. Go to the Learning Center in the library whenever you need help. They are there and free to help you, so take advantage of this great system.
Brittney from Suwanee, GA
(1) Learn to study. Yes, I know you're in AP/IB and you didn't have to study to do well in those classes. That's great, good for you. At one point, I was just like you. College isn't AP or IB, and anyone who tells you so is a liar. (2) Inversely, it's not all about your course load. College is learning to juggle a social/romantic life, work (and schoolwork is a job, trust me), hobbies (sports, arts, etc), and adult responsibilities all at once. It will be difficult somedays. There will be some tears. (3) Learn when to take a step back. If the day comes where you need to binge watch Dr. Who in it's entirety, do it. If you need a spa day, do it. If you just want to be left alone, make some time for yourself. The world never stops turning, but sometimes you just need rest.
A'Leyah from Jonesboro, GA
The Village is a great place to live, it is the perfect balance of apartment living with all the safety of the dorms. It doesn't have those meetings every five minutes which is fantastic too.
Blackbird Coffee is a great hangout.
Go see a show! The theatre department is an intimate but fantastically talented group of students and the plays are professional quality.
Buy your books early and not at the bookstore, they can get pricey.
Milledgeville is a beautiful historic town, take advantage of some of the great sites like the Governor's Mansion or the Green Way.
Stephanie from Kingsland, GA