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What Students Are Saying

If you're set on GW apply early because it's getting more and more competitive. My class was the most competitive they've ever had and it will only get more competitive. I think my class of 2350 was picked out of 21000.

Visit! GW isn't your typical college or university. It doesn't have a traditional dining hall (we do have J Street and many other vendors), there isn't a typical college feel, and nobody really knows where the campus begins and ends (Who knew you could have labs on K Street?). It's more of a city feel than I expected. On the college-y feel spectrum from NYU (big city school) to Bates (small NESCAC college) it's between NYU and UPenn, UPenn being more of a college-y feel.

Make sure you also ask your tour guides anything you're dying to know. They're very helpful.
Arianna from Brookline, MA
As a prospective student, I would say to make multiple visits to the university before and after the admissions decision. As a campus located in the Foggy Bottom section of Northwest, Washington, DC, there are many things to see and explore. The aforementioned White House, as well as the Lincoln Monument and Washington Monument are literally minutes away by walk. In terms of making connections, especially students of minority background, look for information on organizations and programs that fit you and can be pertinent to your future success. As a student who is of Nigerian descent, the MSSC (Multicultural Student Services Center) was a community and a presence on campus looking for students of multicultural or minority origin. This community was a big part of my success at the George Washington University because it kept us together based on our common backgrounds, interests, feelings, and ideas. Another form of advice could be to consider which campus fits you: Foggy Bottom or Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon is drastically different from Foggy Bottom, as it is located in a more suburban area behind Georgetown University and the Georgetown shopping area. This makes for a more tranquil and homely experience. For those who prefer the fast-paced living of urban Foggy Bottom for their freshman year, Foggy Bottom is right for you. However, if you prefer a more homely, modern experience (and the shuttle bus between campuses), then Mount Vernon is right for you.
Patrick from Newark, NJ
GW really is great! I think the location is amazing and the education I'm getting is phenomenal! I also like the people, it's hard at first to find your group of friends because there's so many different kinds of people. But, I think that just makes it all the more exciting! I think my biggest complaint would be that it is so ridiculously expensive, honestly, it could be so much cheaper! At the end of the day though, I can't see myself anywhere else!
Meredith from Marlton, NJ
Apply for financial assistance on time and show your interest in the school. They do take it into account. If you can, schedule a visit and plan an interview.
Leslie from Silver Spring, MD
I would suggest prospective students to come visit and ask questions. I have friends that are tour guides and say that they much rather prefer people to ask what they really want to ask than what they think they should ask. They want people to ask about nightlife and greek life. Also, I would suggest that people study hard in high school to get scholarships, especially if they want to go to GW. The most important thing I could think of is once in college join groups! If you know you want to be in a certain group look into it and come in contact with people from the group. This way you will have friends or acquaintances the first day of college. Plus if you visit and know somebody, they will give a better tour because they have no requirements.
Dorothy from Monroe, CT
Join student organizations if you can and try being active. Also, I really recommend study group when studying for midterms and finals. Be enthusiastic and pick classes you truly like.
Washington, DC
Accept the invitation to attend.
austin from Rowlett, TX
- Always check out professors on before registering. Take the reviews with a grain of salt, but in my experience they've always been accurate.
- Make sure the class times work for you; don't sign up for 8 ams if you know you'll struggle to get up each morning. Will you need significant gaps during the day? Do you plan on getting a job?
- Make an effort to contact professors and TAs if you need help, or if you just want to discuss what you're learning.
- Avoid living on the Vern unless you don't mind a 10-50 minute commute and knowing almost everyone in your dorm (and the drama that results)
- Take advantage of the city and try to find fun, free events in the area whenever you can. Don't waste money going clubbing every weekend when there's such an awesome variety of things to do.
- Cabs are ridiculously expensive. Get comfortable using public transit and you'll save money.
Eleanor from Rochester, NH
Think very carefully before you choose to live on the Mount Vernon campus. Never buy your books in the bookstore but if you absolutely must, make sure you price check them to Amazon.
lindsey from las vegas, nv
Apply for Early Decision if you know that GWU is going to be the place for you. I applied RD, and so my housing application will be processed last. Applying ED takes a lot of the pressure off, so if GW is your dream school, make it happen right away!
Margaret from St Augustine, FL