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Early Action Acceptance is not binding, but student will receive admissions decision earlier.October 15
Fall Regular DecisionMarch 1May 1
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Average ACT Composite: 29
Average SAT Composite: 1284
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Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 850-644-6200
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

My words of advice to prospective students would be to develop better study habits and management of my finances. When I was in high school I could study the night before a test and do very well on it. Those days are definitively over now that I’m in college. Now it’s all about communicating more with my professors, study groups, and tutoring services if needed. Also looking back I realized how nice I had it at home such as free food/rent, money to buy clothes, and I didn’t have to pay for classes nor books. Again, those days are definitively over now that I’m in college. Now it’s all about managing my own finances and developing a budget each semester. I’ve opened up a checking account to simplify the tracking of my college expenses. It’s amazing how my account can look so big in the beginning of the semester and shrink so quickly by the end of it. It’s like what everyone says it’s all about balancing what is important.
Alesha from Shalimar, FL
TIME MANAGEMENT!!! It's so important to make sure you dedicate enough time to your studies especially in your first year. Also, probably the most important tip I can offer an incoming freshmen would be to get involved. The best way to shrink the campus and not feel lost is to get involved in a school sponsored club, activity, sport, student government or even a religious organization.
Kaila from Pompano Beach, FL
Apply for the early deadline and apply for summer semester. The summer semester is the best way to ease your way into the college atmosphere. At FSU there are only 6,000 people on campus in the summer versus the nearly 40,000 in the fall and spring.
Turner from Tallahassee, FL
Prospective students:
- Apply early for housing
- Apply for scholarships
- Join a FIG
- Do not overload yourself your first semester
- Educate yourself about the campus
- Keep in touch with your family
- Stay away from partying, concentrate on your courses
- Buy books after attending the first day of classes
- Give yourself a day to learn the bus schedule
- Join many different clubs and organizations
- Get involved in Greek Life
- Attend all sport events
- Dance in Dance Marathon (Children's Miracle Network)
- Do not procrastinate
- Study a little at a time, not the night before an exam
- Time Management
- Get acquainted with your professors
- Attend office hours, reviews
Jenna from orange park, FL
Get Involved, Make Friends, Get to know Professors, Get help if you're falling behind in a class, Go to class Everyday (no matter how boring), Read the text book (unless not reccomended by Professor), Do the homework and extra credit (it's rarely given so take advantage), Use all the resources you have (Older students, Professors, RA's, and Peers), Most important pick something you love to do and stick with it whether it be a major or an activity. If you do what you have to do now, you can do what you want to do later.
Kevina from Orlando, FL
I cannot stress the importance of keeping up with your classes enough!! Even if you didn't have to try in high school, you are going to have to put in some effort here. FSU offers a great class about time management and adjusting to campus life that I highly recommend. Going to see you professors at their office hours is also a great way to ensure success. On a more social note, FSU is such a large campus that I suggest everyone GET INVOLVED!!!!! FSU offers such a huge variety of things to try so whether you join SGA, Greek Life, Sports Intramurals, Religious Organizations, Major-Specific Organizations, or something as simple as an Ultimate Frisbee team, don't be afraid to get out there and try something..... then get ready to start the best four years of your life!!!
Kristin from Tallahassee, FL
Time management is key. Not only do you have to manage all of your school work, but you have to manage when you hang out with friends, when you eat, and when you fit in everything in between. Also, try out a meal plan for at least your first year. It will keep you on a regular eating schedule full of nutritious foods that I have founds surprisingly delicious.
Aysley from Shalimar, FL
Do well in high school, get solid grades, take AP/AICE classes, have plenty of community service on your record, and score high on both the ACT and SAT (I recommend taking both, in the case that you lack in one). Cappex is very accurate in whether or not you will get accepted into Florida State.
Tanner from Cape Coral, FL
Start taking your ACT and SAT at the beginning of your junior year. Keep taking them until you get a score high enough to get a 100% Bright Futures scholarship. Get involved within your high school and community, and write an awesome essay. FSU loves diverse students, so get out there and get experience working with lots of different types of people.
Jennifer from Tampa, FL
Do not neglect the deadlines! Once you get in, pay your housing deposit so you will be more likely to get the residence hall of your choice. Apply for an early orientation session, so you will get the best classes.
Meagan from Milton, FL