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Fall Regular DecisionJanuary 1
Spring Regular DecisionOctober 1
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$75k - $110k

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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 212-217-3760
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

Prepare yourself, this school is competitive and everyone is your competition.
Tina from Quincy, MA
good grades is a must and you have to be really determined.
Nicole from Somerset, NJ
I would say just relax and don't be nervous because the first semester is a little lighter than the second and its a new place and a lot of adjustment. Don't go crazy with tons of classes but don't slack off either if you can squeeze 3 liberals with your major classes do it! because second semester is waayyy more challenging at least if you are going into fashion design i would suggest to make the effort to cram up some liberals your first semester that way you can have a little more relax time in your second semester. trust me! i just finished my second semester with 6 classes and 7 classes in my first semester so its totally possible and i'm in fashion design. If you work hard your first year it will open doors for scholarships offered through the school. Oh and if you are person you doesn't really get much financial aid make sure to go to a councilor and the academic advisor for your major as soon as possible to talk about your options because if you don't take the initiative to look for where you can receive extra help no one will tell you and the deadlines will pass.
Talisa from Hialeah, FL
If you're not organized, I don't know if you'll make it out alive. FIT will not remind you that you should have taken that class last semester, FIT will not check to make sure you're eating properly or are getting enough sleep. You'll probably wake up after 4 years and ask- 'Did I just go to college at FIT?' unless you take initiative and are proactive. If you want to get a fashion internship -likely one of the most competitive kinds- you will be the one writing and revising your resume for 3 hours. You will be the one contacting (what seems like) hundreds of companies that fit your liking. As for friends, they will be made, but don't expect something of a Greek Life to provide you with a life-long brother or sisterhood. FIT is technically a technical school- meaning the folks here are in it to win it, to give 110% at all times, and not to 'screw around' and have a standard University lifestyle of debauchery for the first two years. If you do try to take that route, it will be made quite evident to you when you're interviewing for your first job and they ask you What else did you do when you were in College?.
i you are planning to attend fit, my advice for you is to explore nyc as much as possible. meeting new people and networking is so important! get yourself out there. connect!
maya from plattsburgh, ny
1. make sure you visit before deciding, it is an art school, not a typical university.
2. before committing to fit, make sure you feel extremely confident and interested in the major you have selected.
3. be current in whats going in the real world and the fashion world (new york times, wwd)
Michelle Smith
Whatever you're doing, make sure you're good at it.
W.V. from Brooklyn, NY
This school forces you to grow up fast and prepares you for real world work experience. When you apply make sure you know which major you want to spend the next couple of years on. It is hard to switch majors because you have to reapply to the school.
Jessica from NC
and study hard lol
Kedrick from New York, NY
Stay on top of your assignments and deadlines. Try to develop mentoring relationships with your teachers and advisors. Always push it to the furthest you can with all of your projects.
Mario from Brooklyn, NY