Ellsworth Community College
Iowa Falls, IA, USA


Ellsworth Community College

Danielle from San Mateo, CA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Here at Ellsworth, not only can you learn general ed and your major, but if you're from California like me, you also learn to save your money for winter clothes! It's snowing here in the winter and I am freezing.
Am enjoying being here
I spend almost all of my time on campus or in the dorms. That has nothing to do with it being cold though. There are usually a lot of people in the lobbies in the dorm buildings, and I sometimes have a lot of homework to do, so it's really nice and cozy most of the time. I hardly miss my home in Cali at all.
Bang for the buck
The tuition can be a bit much if you're living on campus, but this school is totally worth it. Especially if you're in the Equine Program. The Meal Plans aren't really very much but they're really good most of the time. Unless you're really picky like me. There's a really great staff team here as well, which also makes it worth the money.
Great for these types of students
Ellsworth is a really good school for anyone listed in the Equine Program. I found out that Ellsworth is one of the the top 10 (or was it 5?) Equine schools in the country. The staff for the Equine Program are all really nice and they will accept you no matter what.