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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-336-4766
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What Students Are Saying

Work hard in high school to get great grades, perform well on standardized tests, participate in extracurricular activities, and show Denison that you want to be a productive and active student on their campus (possibly the most important criterion). Denison wants to see interest from their prospective students so make friends with the admissions officers, meet students, and make numerous visits or stay for an overnight.
Stetson from Valley View, OH
1. VISIT!!- you won't do well if you pick ANY school just by looking at the brochures.
2. If given the opportunity, attend a couple classes.
3. Talk to current students and professors. I promise you they won't sugarcoat it. They will tell you exactly if you would be the type of person that will be successful or not.
4. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Does Denison have everything you want in a campus? A community town. Check. Caring Professors. Check. A nearby city. Check. A million clubs to choose from. CHECK! (:
5. find out about scholarships! Denison is one of the most generous when it comes to aid. Check that for all schools.
Since my acceptance to the college, Denison has steadily increased its acceptance rate, with this last year (2012) representing the largest incoming class ever on campus. This is great news for prospective students, as Denison is providing more chances than ever at being accepted. Just be sure to keep up your grades. While Denison doesn't limit its incoming population to 4.0 students and national merit finalists, it does provide incredible merit based financial aid to those who qualify. Not a straight A student? No problem. Denison really takes each application into account to look for students, who represent a diversity of backgrounds and the potential to excel. Just note that once you come to Denison, you will be challenged academically, but if you were accepted to the university, that means you are one of the students who is likely to excel in such an environment.
Recent Grad - 2012
Talk to your current teachers and other older adults as much as possible about both intellectual and non-academic subjects, as that will help to prepare you for the relationships that you will indubitably have once you get here. Be as involved as possible at your current school in VARIOUS activities and with volunteer opportunities, because that also trains you for life on Denison's campus and will gain you scholarships if you really do a lot. Practice writing as much as possible.

Overall, Denison is all about diverse experiences, diverse people, and dialogue.
Steph from Cleveland, OH
If you feel like you're not as academically strong, definitely go out and join clubs, sports, community service (as early as you can!), as the school does consider your extracurriculars. Also, work hard on your application essays to really showcase who you are and why you feel like you belong at Denison, showing them that you will be an active participant of the community who has something to offer!
I have found that a lot of my friends came to visit and loved their stay there, so try and visit and get a feel of the school.
If applying to Denison I suggest you visit the campus. It helped me decide because you don't get to experience the vibe unless you are there. The people here are just very nice and courteous it will surprise you. Also, keep up on your school work because we are a bit fast paced but it is manageable.
Stefanie from Santa Ana, CA
I would recommend that students be prepared to participate a lot in classes and let your opinions be heard. It is also important to be able to work well with other students.
If you can, stay overnight. Make sure you ask questions about things you're interested, but also just try to get a feel for the campus and see if you can imagine yourself living here. Try to make a couple of friends while you're visiting; talking to them about the decision will make it easier and it's great to know some people if you do decide to go here. Denison is really what you make of it.
People at Denison are endlessly encouraging. You must be willing to work hard if you want to do your part for the community, but it is a rewarding experience. Also be sure that the size of the school suits you.
Hannah from Massillon, OH
Take difficult classes in high school- the experience of that level of rigor pays off. Learn time management before going to school. GET INVOLVED in high school and even more so in college.
Jackson from Richmond, VA