Delaware College of Art and Design
Wilmington, DE, USA


Delaware College of Art and Design

RACHEL from Newark Valley, NY

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
Yes i learned a ton! its a great 2 year starter school to get your associates degree at!.... all the teachers are required to have experience in the majors they are teaching..
Did enjoy being here
the teachers were great... there aint much to to in wilmington after 6pm because it is a business city, but some of the people you'll meet make it worth it.
Bang for the buck
it is so much cheaper than going to a four year school, it may only be a two year school but if you graduate you leave with an associates degree!
Tips for prospective students
be prepared for a lot of homework. live on campus too! its a valuble experience to live away from your parents!

p.s. dont whine about the foundation classes! you learn a lot in them! they are actually important!
Great for these types of students
any kind of art student who likes to have fun.
there is interior design, graphic design, photography, painting, illustration, animation, the basic art forms