Clackamas Community College
Oregon City, OR, USA


Clackamas Community College

Sara from Gresham, OR

a current student here
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Am enjoying being here
There's a great atmosphere on campus and it's great to be able to meet new people, all kinds of people. There's a greater variety of people at Clackamas, and the sports are great!
Bang for the buck
It's community college so it's cheap compared to state schools, but it's the same first two years...
Tips for prospective students
I thought community college wasn't the right place for me, but once I started classes I realized it was perfect. The classes are smaller and get you ready for the next level if you want to keep going. There are so many options at Clackamas.
Great for these types of students
Parents going back to school
If you really aren't sure where you want to go it's a great starting point.